Jerry Bartlett (Crazy Jerry) top honors in Mileage contest.

If you are a friend of Utterpower, you’ve heard the name Jerry Bartlett more than once.

Jerry recently shared with me that he was making good progress in getting a car ready for a high mileage contest and the results are in!

Before you read the coverage, I want to mention the Triumph spitfire, few people will know what a light weight this car is (was) till you start tearing into it. Maybe 30 years ago, a friend attempted putting a Ford Pinto engine in a spitfire, and it seemed that half the engine was above the hood line! It is no wonder the spitfire was chosen for a lightweight high mileage chassis.

Do note that Jerry donated his prize money for his win.  That’s no surprise to me, and I’d bet that most all of Jerry’s friends know that money is not what motivates Jerry to do what he does.

Congratulations Jerry, the car looks great, and obviously does more than you set out to do!

Jerry Bartlett, one of my favorite AE DIYers, hands on is where it’s at.


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  1. Quinnf says:

    Glad to see Crazy Jerry is still at it. Very nice accomplishment.

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