The Mother of Automation?




The SeaTac $15 minimum wage.

The SeaTac $15 minimum wage.


Quote: The mother of Automation is the Higher Cost of Labor.

George B. 2014

No… you shouldn’t expect the cocksure to ever figure this out.. especially Socialists like Kshama Saywant and my Washington State Senators to mention a few.

If you haven’t been following Seattle’s City Council Socialist Kashama Saywant, you are missing a good show.  Her goal is to raise the Minimum wage For Seattle to $15 an hour. This WILL literally destroy a lot of small business because the business model they are founded on will not work with the higher cost of labor. Saywant has no sense of business, which allows her to operate within the utopian business plan.

Bill Gates is a liberal in many if not most ways, but he warns of what’s ahead.  all I attempt to share here is Saywant unwittingly accelerates what WILL happen, and that is… a superior hamburger will be made by automation soon. Saywant’s efforts just makes it happen soonest.

But perhaps even as obtuse, are my Senators,…… one should know better…

All the best,

George B.

PS… I claim the Quote on Automation, it’s been going on since the wheel, but it’s possible we see more changes in a month, than some saw in a lifetime.




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2 Responses to The Mother of Automation?

  1. Geo,
    You guys up there will ultimately end up having all the Libtards leave when their
    plan fails and the Millennials are left like they were in the late 80’s in the NW.
    Houston is being overrun with refugees from failed States. It’s normal to see
    20-30 out of state plates in a given trip thru town.

    • George B. says:

      Ben, there are cause and effect relationships that people refuse to accept as reality. One great strength of the United States is the autonomy of the States, if one State gets crazy, you can move to another. Liberals I know would put up fences (if they could) to keep people from leaving, or abolish State’s rights and give every decision to the Feds. That way you’d be forced to live as they’d command you must. There’s nothing more cocksure in the universe than the liberal mind.

      One thing my State doesn’t get yet, a notable percentage of people that want $15 and hour for a minimum wage here, want to pay zero dollars and ounce for POT, and that’s eventually what it will cost here (no tax revenue). We’ll eventually have a higher percentage of unskilled workers, and pot smokers than States who don’t legalize pot, and keep their minimum wage low. How will that be good for the State and the rate payers who will carry a workforce we don’t need, and my experience suggests the people who use pot regularly, (with exceptions) are not our most productive members of society. Time tells all, but I think it’s very important to reward the behaviors you need to survive, and not reward the ones you don’t need.

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