What is a CLINK ?



Dictionary:   To give out a slight sharp short metallic sound. transitive verb. : to cause to clink.

In the case of the lister and lister clones, what does it sound like to your ears if  you’ve never heard it before? There’s so many sounds made when you crank your engine over, but you need this one to even attempt to crank it with compression.



To know a good clink when you hear one.. it is the whole purpose of this page, and you might see the page about Smoke but no fire.


PS… Advertisement follows 

Wanted: Full time proof reader for Utterpower postings, must work for free.. 

I know that 80% of the work is in proofing what you right.  


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6 Responses to What is a CLINK ?

  1. Sgt. Schultz says:

    “I hear nothing!” (with German accent)

  2. ron says:

    I hear you about the proof reader. I rarely catch my own typos:)

    • George B. says:

      Ron, there are a few articles where I make the effort to clean them up, other times, the list of chores is too long, and I need move on. I know it’s in bad taste, but friends of utterpower are used to the typos and rambling style.

      Most of what I write flows out of quiet place in my brain, and through a tangled mess…. an area harboring a growing intolerance to the ‘free lunch’ crowd, through fingers that never learned to touch type, and into a text editor with no auto spell check (as in this reply).

      As for the free lunch crowd, I embrace a theory that many are Americans in name only, they are in it for money, power, influence, or simply the empty promise of a free lunch. They’d gladly live in a cage, while we like the free range. They would laugh at my typos as they follow the easy road straight to hell.

      We DIYers will have the easier time, we’ll be listening for the clink, they will be cranking with no idea they need a clink.

  3. Butch says:

    Clink? Clank? Squawk? Screech? Hard to discribe?
    For those still confused go get a 1/2″ bolt about 6″” long and place a nut on it about 8 turns. Then bury it in the dirt where you can find it and a year from now dig it up and put the head in a vise and quickly turn the nut with a long wrench 1/4 turn at a time,, THAT SOUND!!!

  4. Greg West says:

    I tell ya what, you can hear the CLINK with your ears, You can feel the lack of said clink in your cranking arm.

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