Who needs a Crystal Ball? 2/15/13 Muse of the day

Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball

A DIYer is a One-percenter, and of course posts here are intended for DIYers. If you spend most of your time over at the Huff.. this place will make all too little sense to you.

I was curious about the legal aspects of President Obama’s recent speech. It seems that he is ‘cocksure’ that many losses the insurance Industry has denied coverage on in the past are really the cause of man, at least in the Obama mind. I was wondering about when the SCOTUS might get involved in enforcing that opinion, and when policy holders might expect coverage on things once considered “Acts of God”?

One might muse that the Insurance Companies will be changing their policy language, but others will take note, it’s likely a waste of time.  The SCOTUS has already cleared the way for the US Government to ‘TAKE OVER’ the insurance industry same as they have taken over the Medical Industry, and what ‘free luncher’ will not vote for it?


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