Real Changfa Brand 195s for sale


Real Changfa Brand 195s  for sale:

As a service, I thought I’d share there are two brand new (in the crate) 195s in Western Montana for Sale.

Over the years, I’ve watched a lot of the imported Chinese Horizontals, and the problems.  There certainly were batches of engines to avoid, and others quite good. Some engines had some internal plastic parts known to fail, others did not have pressure reliefs on the output side of the oil pump, easy to test for, and easy to fix.

Why are these for sale? Mac bought a number of engines back then, and like many of us, he realizes it’s time to reduce the stock piles, we are long on projects, short on space, shorter still on years left. And it’s time to get rid of some of the surplus.

Mac is asking $895 for the engines, and is wanting best offers as well. No reason you can’t use comments here to Ask questions.

I’ve known Mac for a good many years… I’d trust him with my Dog or my Wallet, he’s an off gridder, and a very talented man, I’m sure there’s some pictures of his place on my CD. His place is one of my all time favorite off grid visits. I bet he could charge admission just to see some of the amazing things he’s done.

The 195s make around 12HP at 1800 RPMs, you can turn them up to 2200 if you need more horsepower.  Many have been used to drive 1800 RPM (4 pole) heads directly. The standard set ups are belt driven, and there’s a pulley and tool kit included with the Changfas. Extra head gasket, and more. These are electric start me thinks..

If you have my CD, there’s plenty of reading on the cast iron Changfas. This is not a quiet engine, but few will give you more grunt. Like the Lister, it’s a simple engine, but the 195 has a balance shaft, and runs quite smoothly.

Noel Douglas is one of my best resources for reports on long term use. He received a batch of engines with some bushings NOT aligned with their oil feed holes last year.  This particular batch (Mac’s Engines) came off a seasoned assembly line with good oversight.

Plenty on the CD, and I do have some of those special $28 banjo  fittings that make it easy to plumb in an oil filter on this engine, you buy one of these, and I’ll gift one fitting for the cost of shipping ($1).

Mac’s number X406A-V360-M3254   yes you will have to ignore the Alpha characters, as they’re here to confuse machines that read my pages. I get no commission on sale, I only post to help Mac out, and perhaps help one of you find a good 195?


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7 Responses to Real Changfa Brand 195s for sale

  1. David Pearce says:

    If I didn’t have a wedding coming up, I’d offer 🙂 But I am going to be essentially broke in the disposable income department for a year or two (not the wedding itself, but the stuff that comes after :)).

  2. Joe Gilmartin says:

    New to this type of engine. Is the cooling system a radiator ? Or is it an open (hopper?) type? If radiator type what do you think shipping would be to 08204 zip code? Do you have a generator head to go with?
    Joe G

  3. bob g says:

    excellent price for these engine’s in my opinion, especially given there are some 6/1 listeroids of very dubious quality selling for 3x the asking price of these 195’s

    pound for pound the toughest single cylinder engine out there in my opinion.

    yes they are loud, but for what they will do!

    set up right and running at or near full load, they are capable of near 10kw/hr/gallon of diesel… that makes them significantly more efficient than a 6/1 single or even the 12/2 double listeroids.

    Mac should not have to discount these engine’s to sell them, put them on ebay and see what happens.

    bob g

  4. Steve Sullivan says:

    Are these already taken? Would buy one immediately, grew up in Great Falls.

  5. Howard says:

    Hi, just a shot in the dark here. Where can I find info, parts, etc. on the Chang fa type engine? Is there a source, or substitute for, the fuel filter? I have a chance to get one in a barter deal, but don’t know if I could find maint. parts for it. Thanks, Howard, in NM.

    • George B. says:

      There are people on ebay, and one person in California that imports parts and manages to make a lot of customers happy with his efforts, But, there are a lot of after market fuel filter options, and some quite reasonable. I like the screw on filter mounts, and the ease of changing those filters, of course others want to keep it all stock. I find inexpensive stuff in the boat section of big box stores, on ebay, and you could even try Amazon.

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