Forrest Mims, one of my favorite writers.

Here’s a link, lots of fun listening to Forrest talk about the early days.

As I once wrote, Forrest is the best technical writer I know, reading his books is like pouring knowledge directly into your brain. He’s changed more lives than he’ll ever know..


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2 Responses to Forrest Mims, one of my favorite writers.

  1. Bill Knighton says:

    When I was a teenager I started with his 555 timer projects notebook and then engineer’s notebook II and then getting started in electronics. Backwards order. no other book I’d seen at a bookstore or library had anything other than intimidating equations substituting for explanations.

  2. David Pearce says:

    His projects kept me interested in electronics long enough to keep me on track for Computer & Electrical Engineering in college. Have never looked back at this point in my life. By far the most exciting place to be.

    I also did not know that he was a committed Christian, which makes him even cooler in my eyes!

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