The Second Amendment At Work?

A Darwin Award in the making?

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Big Government Always turns out good.


We know how the human brain works, people develop a belief and then do everything possible to dismiss evidence as to why they could be wrong,  and inventory every bit of evidence as to why they are right!  Be honest… we all do it to some extent.

In the news is one of the truly dumb things I’ve read so far this year. Law enforcement Officers dumb enough to enforce a ‘no knock’ break down the door arrest warrant in a State that gives it’s Citizens a very clear right to use deadly force to protect themselves WHEN they are confronted in such a way.  Especially in the classic situation where your brain is processing in a ‘fight or flight mode’.

There’s nothing funny about the loss of life, but there will be people who think these officers should be up for one of the Darwin awards of 2014.

For those of us who are thoughtful, should this single event be a reminder to all Law Enforcement as to what orders they should refuse to enforce? It certainly doesn’t matter what I think, but it may be about life or death IF the Officers don’t think it through.

We really do need know how the human brain is wired, and the mechanics of fight or flight, and how it has been developed over the course of thousands of years to keep you from being a meal. If it works properly, you don’t stop and think, it’s more like a program that’s auto executed.

In my mind, this is  a clear sign of over reach, and it might test a few of my friends that are anti gunners, and even anti second amendment. They pretty much hate the Cops too, choosing to harbor the events where they are Bullies, and to forget about the good deeds they do.  I have every confidence that they will rationalize it all in their minds, but how?  Will they think their obedience, or how they vote will keep this from happening to them?

In my mind this is EXACTLY what the second Amendment is all about, It should be in the mind of LOAs and Crooks at all times, it is part of the purpose for such a well thought out law.

As for those who wring their hands over any gun death.. and say it is the worst thing they can imagine. They are the same ones who can read about starving children eating weeds, they can watch just over the fence, as mad men club to death whole families and bury them in a ditch.  They can watch it all, and then tell you it can never happen in our back yards, and you are only a loon to think it.

It’s my thought that they think their superior minds can really create that utopia on earth that never has been.


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  1. Bill Knighton says:

    Unfortunately for that DIYer juries are made of cowardly sheeple that almost always side with law enforcement.

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