Shineray 250cc Water Cooled Engine Wiring

What do you do when you search the net and every blog and can’t find the wiring info? What are all those wire leads out of the Shineray 250cc Water Cooled Electric Start unit with Reverse?

If someone is offering you an engine kit, you might assume it comes with the info to hook up the ignition, but I didn’t find that so easy..

Here’s what you need to know:

That blue/white wire is key! This wire and the Green wire are needed to get your DC Powered CDI unit working. Either the 4 pin or the 6 pin CDI units can be used. DO not attempt to use an AC powered unit, unless you have a rectifier with the correct lead to power and AC powered CDI unit.. That’s what I am being told at the moment..

Remember that green wire coming out of the engine needs to be referenced to battery ground and needs to be run to the CDI unit. You will need 12 volt Battery positive for the CDI unit, and you can provide this via the ignition switch to kill the engine when desired.

That group of smaller wires (six of them on my water cooled 167MM engine are all transmission gear indicator leads, and they each provide a ground for reverse, Neutral and the four forward gears.

Lite green with red tracer = neutral

Red with white tracer= reverse

Solid Pink= first gear

Blue Red Tracer = second gear

Green with black tracer = third  gear

Yellow with red tracer= 4th gear

I’m sure this engine WILL be used in a lot of Chinese domestic transportation, and I expect it will replace a lot of cast iron we see in the two wheel tractors there. and of course, this engine will be exported and find it’s way into go karts, ATVs, UTVs, and more. If you think different, just imagine the energy used to make cast iron products, and the amount of energy required to haul around this bulk in the vehicle over a lifetime. The cost of fuel will dictate lighter and more efficient vehicles.

China and others will likely find cast iron too expensive to ship, and due to the added layer of RED Tape and home land security, it’s likely cheaper to ship a single 67 pound engine via air mail than by SEA if you are shipping to the USA. Will we see a Chinese manufacturer in North America making engines? I think so.. RED tape is expensive.

If you find an English manual for this engine, please consider sharing the info.




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3 Responses to Shineray 250cc Water Cooled Engine Wiring

  1. Bill A says:

    OK George, you got me.

    I thought you founda neat little DIESEL with reverse……….

  2. edward says:

    would you be able to take a picture of your wiring and post it? Also I have tried connecting the blue and white and red head and black wires to my city I as well as the blue and white and green and white wires and they both will not fireany help would be appreciated

    • George B. says:

      ED, there’s really only two wiring schemes in the typical Chinese units, and I found it on line.. sorry, if I didn’t post it, I don’t know where to look right now..

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