May 10th, Muse of the DAY

Internet Sales Tax..

Why buy it and pay tax when you can print it at home?


Meanwhile.. we have folks doing mindless work, like limiting the size of soft drinks. It’s obvious their less than elastic brains are unable to grasp that the world is in the midst of turning upside down.

Just how long from now will we have a home appliance that will build at the molecular level? It might be closer than you think..

We have all longed for a flat tax, and we know why there’s resistance, but what is just around the corner will likely force the flat tax into existence.  The issue of EVs and collecting Road tax is complex enough, but that is only the tip of the iceberg, how things are made and where they are made is about to change in a big way. Regulating what is made and how it is made is likely to become cost prohibitive. BUT we shouldn’t expect people in Washington DC to be paying attention, they are fully focused on what’s best for them!

And I’ll make special mention of Frank Lautenberg, a New Jersey  politician, he’s working to control substances easier to make than pancake mix! I can imagine this boy in an Air Raid shelter… he’d be busy picking lint off your suit, and asking you to return the favor by voting for him…

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7 Responses to May 10th, Muse of the DAY

  1. Bill knighton says:

    It’s wont be just appliances. We are mixing physically with our technology. But further past printing body parts how will government exist when people no longer evenrequire physical bodies and are free to move about. They can’t even control the centralized Internet. How will they regulate a decentralized one?

  2. Mike says:

    I heard a word today that strummed a chord… “Neoliberalism”.

  3. bob g says:

    some organization reported today that gun violence is way down over the last 20 years, and murder by gun is down something like 69% over the same period.

    typical, this is a non issue or non problem that for some reason they are trying to make hay over and new regulations and laws to control.

    one ought to wonder why? surely it is not gaining them votes?

    we can surmise the motives, and it sure doesn’t make me feel any better either.

    lautenburg wants to add restrictions to black powder and smokeless powder to protect us defenseless souls? but his new law does nothing to control fireworks? what is that all about? the bombers mined fireworks for their explosive needs!

    yup, 1930’s all over again!
    every dictator in the last 500 years or more first moved to take away the populace ability to defend themselves, just before they start to kill them.

    now i am not saying that i think they have designs on killing us, but they likely do want more control to have their way over us, and doing so while we can’t defend ourselves leaves us at the mercy of those that have no soul or sense of morality to start with.

    there are those in power that think nothing of millions of unborn being killed each year, think nothing of putting our people in harms way, think nothing of lieing to us, even when the truth would sound better, and are more concerned over the rights of a terrorist than the victims of a crime.

    somehow placing folks like that in control of anything even approaching animal control seems unconscionable to me! and ought to with any “thinking” individual.

    bob g

  4. bob g says:

    here are the numbers from “pew research”

    my 69% number was significantly off, however the actual number is very significantly lower.

    bob g

  5. Bill knighton says:

    This is the best article I have found in this week’s flurry of 3-D printing articles. It deals with government’s response to 3-D printing, governments fear of not completely controlling society and manufacturing.

    • George B. says:


      Frank Lautenberg IS the perfect example of a man that has no clue as to how rapidly these newer processes are developing. Many think it’s all about making plastic parts, but difficult or impossible to machine metal parts are being printed right now, the powder then fused and every bit as strong as metal parts made in the traditional way.

      Lautenberg attempts to ban or control materials or compounds nearly as common as dirt itself! A reflex action on his part, and no thought given. We see him as a clueless, but I’m not sure any of us DIYers see him as anything other than the NORM as per Politicians.

      As I wrote in a previous post, Thoreau gives us much to think about, and I’ll quote again what he said in a chapter titled ‘Higher Laws’ in Walden.. . “He who is only a traveller learns things by second hand and by the halves, and is poor authority.” Thoreau makes reference to the man just passing through, one who has made no time at all to study what he comments on. He knew the Frank Lautenbergs of the world so well.

      We’ll all get to see the ring side show as our inept leadership interprets polling data, in order to tell us what they’ll eat for breakfast on Sunday morning.

      Meanwhile…. technology advances at such a blinding pace, that most of what goes on inside a Politician’s head is made irrelevant!

      Black Powder, it’s such a poor explosive compared to others so easily made, and if lunatics will make bombs in the future, it’s my hope that they use such lowly stuff in comparison to far more deadly, and just as easy to obtain materials impossible to control.

      Part of the big show might be the attempt to rehabilitate the Joker, and persuade him to endorse a certain politician 🙂

  6. Bill knighton says:

    The way gov control mixes with medical bureaucracy and medical regulation is going to be a pretty big sideshow. Right now we have two humans whose throats were printed with biocompatible plastics and then plated with their own reinitialize cells so that they don’t require rejection drugs. Even the simplest pediatrician medical procedures are highly regulated with the locations of hospitals, the qualifications for the doctors, All the inspections, the qualifications for the support support personnel, the qualifications and specifications for the paperwork,the insurance, the medicines, lawsuits, everything you name or can imagine. But it’s extremely clear that in the next 50 years, probably a lot less there’s going to be an unimaginable demand for 3-D printed body parts and installations and there is no way the trajectory our bureaucracy is on will be able accommodate this. William Gibson had it exactly right. People will be engaging in medical tourism going to nefarious cyberpunk places In Asia to get their parts on. Or possibly disintegrated Russian republics. I imagine North Korea will be interesting for that sort of thing when it’s Collapsed.

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