Who could have understood the impact?


Crystal Ball

Did Douglas Adams have a working Crystal ball?


I was thinking about my friends the Fishers, our Governor just added so many to their numbers.. gone is the term Fishermen from the State’s dictionary of terms. You out there with the fishing poles or nets are all simply ‘Fishers’ now.

But my muse is about the word processor, and the ability of using the search and replace function. Can you imagine how many additional hours it’d be if you had to set type, and reprint the book, and all at the tax payers expense.

Gone are the bounds of paper, and now we have the age where simple rules or laws can be well defined…. in 20,000 pages or more.. it all fits in a cloud..

Hats off to Douglas Adams, he had the muse so long ago.. imagine writing for the State, your word processor tuned to warn you of so many illegal terms.  and the ability for the state to write laws with more pages than you can read..


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  1. VJ says:

    Well, the move away from paper will certainly facilitate the future work of the Ministry of Truth as it goes about its mission of revising history. That word processor tuning will insure only NewSpeak is used, so as to prevent any potential ThoughtCrime.

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