2 Responses to Quinn Farnes, Part 2 of his 6/1 build

  1. Russ says:

    I really appreciate the content here – and its come at a great time for me. I am at the stage of dismantling my new 12/2 to see what santa brought.

    It is hard to find much at all about Listeroid sleeves and this is a mine of information.

    I have the first cylinder off and have found a half gasket – in my case a whole yellow one folded in half. Before pulling the sleeve, i had 0.012 all round, presumably I won’t find the same issue that quinn found on the ledge of the sleeve. I will measure the parallellness of the cylinder casting. If the fault is that the mating surface of the crankcase is not parallel to the big end pin, i don’t know if i can measure that directly but see below.

    Reflecting, I would expect that if the bore is not aligned to the crankshaft then the piston will not tilt measurably in the cylinder as it is guided in that relationship. Instead either or both big and little end bearings will be unevenly loaded and i’d guess this would show up most in the big end.

    I’d like to know how the Rajkot erector chose to asymmetrically shim the cylinder but I imagine that he used plastiguage in the big end and measured a side to side difference.

    If the cylinder is not vertical in the other plane it wouldn’t matter.

    A question from a dummy – what is needed to get the liner back in? Is it just a matter of torquing down the head?

  2. Bill A says:

    Great information, Thank-you!

    Is there a third installment?


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