5 Responses to Top DIYer, Quinn Farnes, read his series, “building a Lister 6/1 clone.”

  1. CrazyJerry says:

    Excellent write-up and the pics make it even better!
    Would like to see this engine sporting it’s Ferrari red paint and gold acorns.
    Thanks for sharing this!!!

    • quinnf says:

      George, thank you for taking the time to post the revised Beta Test articles. The Listeroid community is still chugging along, and a lot of newcomers have been asking questions that were covered in the original reports I wrote to you and Joel. Part 3 is in the works and will cover gib key fitting and a number of other subjects that time didn’t allow me to get into earlier.


      • George B. says:

        Quinn, thanks for your contribution, it’s wonderful that you made time to share your work. I note Russ’ comment about the folded paper gasket. The first time I saw it, I wondered, could that have been done by mistake? I’m excited to share your Part 3, thanks for all you do for DIY.

    • George B. says:

      Jerry, Quinn is a guy you’d enjoy meeting, fact is, if we all met up, it’s likely we wouldn’t part till the wee hours.

  2. mike nash says:

    Fascinating stuff. I’m just in the process of enquiring about buying a 6/1 from the Australians, since I live nearby-ish in New Zealand. This is great insight into what will be required for a reliable prime mover. I will read other posts from these two fellows with interest. Thanks

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