Congratulations to my Cousins Down Under!

Crystal Ball

We don’t need a crystal ball, common sense will do!


It matters not that your winter is our summer, or that the English language separates us to such a degree. We DIYers have best writing paper a better understanding of fairy dust, and it’s a fact that we tolerate less of it than the average bloke.

But now, we see as fact, you can only blow so much fairy dust up the backsides of average people before they wake and take action!

I’d bet there will be money rushing into your economy, the sense of hopelessness soon displaced!

Congratulations Australia!

Now… if only we can get rid of those here who believe in fairy dust! Australia you do not follow, you now  lead the way!

I need mention just one Aussie Woman I admire, she’s a world treasure according to my measure, and if you don’t follow Jo Nova, you are missing so much.




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5 Responses to Congratulations to my Cousins Down Under!

  1. Bill Knighton says:

    Now lets see them repeal the $40,000 fine for DIY electrical work. I’m not holding my breath. I expect that there their one party system is like the other one party system in the USA and everywhere else. No DIY electrical , plumbing, or who knows what else for these DIYers.

  2. harold says:

    Joanne Nova could well have been writing about the US and our current administration.

    “Such a fog of illusion in the minds of the Labor Party [Progressive Democrats, and some Republicans, here] can only be kept alive by active support of the media. Bizarrely, the journalist fans do the party no favours by allowing the delusion to pass as is. By ignoring the flaws, the soft media virtually filter for the incompetents to rise to the top.
    What universe does this make sense in? The media IS the problem.”

    I offer as a US alternative to JoNova the following book:
    The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott

    To one who still supports Obama my challenge is “Read the book and prove it is wrong.”

    To everyone else “Read the book; it’s very informative.”

    If you don’t want the trouble or expense of buying the book download a free “Cliffs notes” version (64 pages) in PDF format at:

  3. frogmobile says:

    40 K$ fine for doing your electricity while it is common practice in Europe…
    14 years in prison for possession of an undeclared firearm while it is 3 month in NZ and while gun laws in the US and Europe are much more relaxed and based on common sense.
    Australia is a dictatorship in a velvet glove. And there are still people who want to migrate there from rich western nations like W Europe or the US… Somebody explains…

    • George B. says:

      We need admit, Australia is taking steps in the right direction. But fixing this insanity over DIY electrical? Most would think the law is all about running up the cost for the Average Ozzie, the one who can least afford it. There’s a dark side, and that is that those who can least afford the hiring of a licensed agent or repairman might allow a dangerous situation to linger. I recently watched a home owner here ignore a flickering light, and they lost the house, an EV in the car port, and everything close by. If you are handy, and have no money, replacing a worn out outlet, or surveying an old breaker box and fixing what is wrong is easy! You only need be as smart as an average sheep dog.. Now we know that might rule out a lot of people in your past government, and certainly many in our government at present!

      • George B. says:

        I forgot to say… just like OZ, we have a class of people who believe anything. Just the Other day I was talking to a leftie here who told me everything in Canada is free! He was thinking of moving there. And it wasn’t that long ago, a young man who has a blue star tattooed from ear to ear on top of his head, told me how much better life is in Sweden, a place so close to heaven 🙂 We have a lot of people here who were dropped on their heads at birth, but foggy, we be cousins, we share a common language and common maladies of many kinds. It’s totally legal to be ignorant, and even encouraged by the ruling class… up here AND down there….how else are they going to get away with what they do?

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