CPV (concentrated Photo Voltaic) September 5, Muse of the Day

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Sometimes it’s best to let the facts speak for themselves.

Today at 12:26 PST, I checked online to view the weather and the percentage of rated output (best hour thus far today) for both Amonix  Hatch and the Road Runner thin film single axis power plant. the weather looks near identical at both sites, but it is constant comparisons that I use to gain confidence that my observations are likely valid.

Road Runner in Santa Teresa.. best hour observed…92% of rated capacity, Amonix CPV at Hatch, just 60% of rated capacity best hour.

I have made many visits to the power meters online,  there have been  rather significant difference in  the percentage of their rated power output, and I do think using the percentage of rated output observing the best hour of the day is a good way to measure the ‘health’ of a solar power plant.

There are a lot of people who have jobs where it is difficult for them to even mention the truth about CPV, but I think These huge investments are a testament to what man can build when things go wrong.

If you see it different, If you would measure it all differently, please comment, you need not use your real name.

And for you folks who put up this WIKI page, why not add the production figures for the last six months? Leaving it as is causes some to think the degrade is exactly as any good auto mechanic would have predicted, a steady decline UNLESS you have an army of maintenance people in the field and money to burn.

I’m always the student, I’m trying hard to understand how so many of these HUGE monoliths ever got planted?



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