2 Responses to Ethanol Industry, Dishonest and Discusting Advertisement?

  1. Russ D. says:

    What’s rather sad, is people WILL fall for this propaganda.

    I would rather think that any DIYer that has done some research and math would fall into the category of “you’re no dummy” VS. the masses who feel the oil companies are the evil monsters.

  2. Sean says:

    I found a place that sells real gasoline by my house. I burn it in my small gas engines, but the cost is overly prohibitive in the daily driver. What baffles me is the marginal cost increase for the 100% gas is much more than one would expect for exchanging 10% of the fuel from ethanol. I suspect Conoco is the culprit because producing the 100% gas creates a special product in their manufacturing and distributing supply chain.

    I can tell you that real gas is like night and day when compared to the watered down crap the masses are forced to buy. It smells like gas and my equipment runs better, cooler and has more power when cold, hot, bogged down, low RPM, etc. I also like running it in my new 4 stroke string trimmer.

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