August 31, Today’s Muse:

As I have said before, we learn a lot via comments, sometimes more than we learn from the article we read.  I like Taylor Swift, the young woman has 46 million likes on FB, compare that number with the Queen’s.  I think she’s good for the world, she’s writing her own songs, and as I have said before,  the drug crowd doesn’t like her lyrics,  she’s not singing about her life of addiction, or the many nights spent in the house of the rising sun.

Epic Failure

Epic Failure

And now we have Miley who has decided to take the EASY road, and we’ll watch as some cheer her on. We get to watch her Isolate herself as she surrounds herself with those who will only say yes. Visit the Miley FB page, and watch her ignore the good advice.

But today.. we might ask,…. that comment… “like a monkey with a hand grenade”, doesn’t that follow another monkey deed?

Obamacare is: like “A Monkey Fu__ing a Foot Ball”, and when you compare the strategy deployed to bring Obamacare to being, and the policy in the middle east, they both look like they were developed for the day, no thought given for tomorrow.  I think there’s a reason… NON  MECHANICS see all things simple, the attitude is often “Any Monkey Can Do it”, we’ll figure it all out along the way.. maybe over a glass of wine?

We’ve watched our checker players on the chess board.. for  all the world to see.  What I hope the world remembers.. this is not America.. only the Monkeys we have in charge at the moment.  The larger question is.. can the Monkeys keep offering enough free stuff to stay in charge? It’s the easy road, the Miley Road, and Monkeys all along the way.


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8 Responses to August 31, Today’s Muse:

  1. Kelley pack says:

    Your right on.

  2. Andrew Schofield says:

    I am glad the dangerous ordinance wielding monkey checked poll numbers yesterday, and left punitive decisions to the ones whom we already know how they think; before they were placed in congress. The United States is a republic.

    The Congress will decide the same as prudent British Parlement to not poke an awesome stick at the hive of angry hornets.

    So the problem remains: heinous special weapons are being used by Bashir.
    Remember those same weapons were spirited out of Iraq by Saddam, and given to Bashir during turbulent times in both those nations.

    There certainly are men in Iraq today, whom know what inventory was delivered across the border.

    • George B. says:

      Andy, glad to see you weigh in here, I don’t pretend to know the right or wrong course. I only wish to point out that this is classic behavior of our present leaders. A good General does about 98% of his thinking off the battle field, he’s little different than the Chess player, he knows the moves, and the counters that worked or failed in the past. What we see now is the lack of a plan. More thoughtful people would have had the ‘What Ifs’ nailed down and supporters in place. We should have known what we’d do, and executed the plan immediately. To stop in the middle of a battle and take a vote? Even the poorest of Generals know the outcome of such a plan.

      The appointment of John Kerry is another sign of over confidence, lack of planning, and inexperience. The higher priority has been politics, and it has lead to making appointments based on the highest priority.. ‘politics’. I think it’s fact that the majority of Veterans have little or no confidence in John Kerry, especially the Viet Nam Vets, soldiers can smell BS from a long ways off. It’s not just VETs that have little respect for Kerry, it’s world leaders too. His recent speech is the same one he made about us and the war crimes we committed, had we heard it from Ronald McDonald, we’d have found it more credible.

      The best of leaders pick the best men for the job, other leaders are afraid they might stand in the shadow of the best men. This pause was likely more about forcing others to make the decision, so the blame doesn’t fall on the shoulders of a peace prize winner, you need not agree, but it’s consistent with the game played thus far.

  3. Andrew Schofield says:

    Every shell, warhead, and container could be slowly returned by truck to Iraq to be inventoried, and be harmlessly destroyed.

    How much heinous ordinance was gifted?
    Talk to the mechanics and truck drivers.
    They would be most interested in peace everywhere.

  4. Kerry Ross says:

    Excellent!!!!! George what an intelligent observation.

  5. darin says:

    You were kinda quiet latley george ,i was starting to worry. Now i see you were keeping your powder dry,saving it up for just this moment. Or in utterpower speak saving up your weekly bottle of cetane boost and putting it all in one tank of fuel, so we get that full fuel max boost pressure pushing us back in the seat that your known for. Thank you ,darin.

    • George B. says:

      It’s been an exhausting few weeks, and I am pleased to tell you I had some time in the high mountains to think. It’s not that I came down with any additional wisdom, but I did think about the games we see in play. I am quite sure we have all too many leaders that can take very complex things and break them down into terms of which they’ve never understood.

    • George B. says:

      Darin.. truth be known, I was high on a mountain top sharing the beauty of the wilderness with my Grandson.

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