An Historic Note? Will Ivanpah be referenced in Literature for one thousand years or more?

Our Place of Worship


Imagine if >you< promised a whole pie and delivered one with three Quarters missing! But imagine further…. what if you told the world it would be the most magnificent Pie of all time, and then it tasted like a slug scraped from the bottom of your shoe?

“The Ivanpah solar energy project is generating only 1/4 of the energy it promised and is looking for a $560 million fed bailout to make payment on a $1.6 billion taxpayer loan?”

“Ivanpah has also become notorious for burning up birds in mid flight. Workers call them “streamers” after their black trails of smoke as they fall to the ground”.

The DOE robs you blind through the public purse, and you won’t say a word? They’re no different from highway men I think.

Amonix a previous under performer, did it ever meet the promise? Too bad all the Investigative reporters are dead. But with that said, is it time to encourage our Grandchildren to look at that trade? It seems the world could use a million good Investigative reporters.

Cow Pies out in the field, they’re worth a fortune? All you need do is paint them green. I know a woman who ruled on what was greenest, she helped pick the prize winner. She had no knowledge of green, but her degree in English Lit allowed her to market the occasion  with a special flair.

It was some years ago, I made fun of Jon Ralston in Las Vegas. Jon had invited the Amonix hypester on TV, and I thought he gave them free pass. Once those monoliths got placed in the field, there was the sound of silence! Did Jon Ralston ever wonder why? Did he ever take a moment to look back? One of the Gang Greenies I contacted was frustrated when he was denied access to those Amonix power plants, all he wanted to do was praise the effort and marvel at the monoliths, but it seemed the keeper of the gate didn’t want the limelight.

Before these Monoliths were planted, it was like the circus had come to town, a major assembly plant in Vegas, and it was world news! Those of us who follow the gang greenies knew about that Amonix power plant in Spain, were those Spaniards happy with those monoliths that left as big of scar on their land?  Reporters of our age report on what’s dropped into their in basket, but it seems in also needs to be double spaced, and in digital form.  It need be like pabulum fit for a baby, nothing hard to chew.

We know how necessary the Media is, we need them awake, and not in some narcotic stupor, or outright owned and given their opinions. Do I owe Jon Ralston an apology?

Did he ever look back on those fields of 7700s and ask if they would earn their keep? I think there’s a larger question, and it has to do with even bigger scars on the land. We can guess that those monoliths on Easter Island did little more than exhaust a generation of Life’s energy, did it lead to an exhausted food supply? Was there also the sound of silence once those great Monoliths were all tipped up?

And now Ivanpagh, how did it get built? Is there a single reporter, a single entity that ever went on record to ask, “will this really work?” I did note a reporter at the LA times, she was critical, and shared that the early performance of Ivanpagh was not looking good. Of course the dim-witted, corrupt, and religious left pummeled her, and I wonder if she lost her job? And just maybe that’s what Ralston knows.. does he need to survive living under Harry Reid’s nose?

Today is Veteran’s Day, and a large gift to all Veterans is the promise that a bloated and corrupt leadership at the VA will get axed. But for those who care to note, the DOE is just as broken, and the EPA models itself after a broken D.O.E.

Ivanpah is like a Trojan Horse, those who worship the sun are mesmerized, and I’m not so sure they’ll ever care if it works or not. Those who own the tower are dropping down ropes, and lowering themselves into the public purse.

God forgive the Media and the ‘just pretend reporters’, for they know not what they do…

And one thing you can count on, those who so blindly believe in all things green, also believe in AGW.  Isn’t it ironic that they think ‘we’ are evil, but they as well as conspire with evil men?





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7 Responses to An Historic Note? Will Ivanpah be referenced in Literature for one thousand years or more?

  1. Bill Knighton says:

    1/4? interesting. 25% is about the capacity factor of a decent pv installation in a sunny area. did they forget about that? it’s seems goofy to ask but how many times do we hear about proposed solar installations that will supposedly displace a conventional power plant with the same peak capacity?
    but probably not. probably it’s %25 capacity factor multiplied by 1/4 failure factor for a total of 1/16 the hype output.
    that should be a new technical rating. Hype output.

  2. George B. says:

    Just the fact that there’s miles and miles of portable cables laying on the ground for all the rodents to chew, and every outside telco man has learned that beetles and other bugs love to make holes just to look inside. That thermal cycle is an efficient water pump, nature will take it’s toll. To keep the dust and bird poop off those heilostats? And do birds shit their best when that ray of heat hits them in the back side? They will need about the same labor force as was used to build the pyramid cheops.

  3. BP says:

    Many liberal lies (MLL) vastly outweigh any kind of reasonable ROI or sustainable jobs. Similar to the DEA war on drugs major cities now over run by Heroin traffic. Just goes to prove how the FED’s (infant) wisdom is driving the DOE to fund projects by way of DC pork spending. The DOE is rushed to put solutions on the table while Obama was leading the Green Energy effort.

    The single best ROI effort driven by the DOE has been to replace the incandescent light bulb with CFL’s. It simply amazing how a 500 watt halogen lamp loads down most any gasoline generator. That single 500 watt lamp power equals some 38 CLF”S being all powered. I for one was against this until witnessing just how inefficient incandescent light bulbs are in mechanical energy exchange.

    Germany is often touted by MLL groups a robust solar energy producer. The truth is many of those huge array field were never funded for maintenance so over grown grass, bird poop, soot laden glass have invaded the once pristine solar glare now reflecting any would be green energy benefit back into outer space.

    • George B. says:

      Hands on experience sure makes us take note! The LEDs are now my favorite, and my shop is full of them. They come with heavy subsidies, I have no choice but to pay for them whether I use them or not.

      ‘Hands on’ experience makes the theft of the public purse more apparent. It matters not who steals from the purse, it should cost them an arm, or at least a hand. Who was that man who stold billions from his clients? He’s now serving in a federal prision, and enjoying meals catered on white linen? It’s like another subsidy we are forced to pay, we pay for his housekeepers, food prep, and medical care, his worries laid to rest, not a single choice does he need to make. But in our present day world, the media insists on assisting in the theft! Are they in some way rewarded, or are they so ignorant? $/KWH is not so hard to figure.

  4. Jack G says:

    Thankfully that nasty solar plant can only kill birds while the sun is up -I think? George, you mentioned LED in your shop. I have 12 X 8ft fluorescent tube lights installed in 4 banks in my shop but I am now down to one tube that still works. I am thinking now may be the time to get out of the fluorescent lighting and use LEDs. Any recommendations on LED to light a 25ft by 35ft space, 12ft ceilings? I put T9s in my equipment barn and like them but also like the LEDs I have used as replacements in the house fixtures.

    • George B. says:

      Jack, sorry, I missed this comment, I’m using heavily subsidized screw in Leds, I’m using inexpensive light fixtures that are often used above bathroom mirrors, the ugly ones are dirt cheap, I have had plenty of time to study them in my shop, the tubes are gone, and I love the leds… no more trips up on a 10 foot ‘A’ ladder.

  5. BP says:

    LED lamps many now touting made in USA label, very pricy to boot. A 60 watt equivalent CFL coil uses less than 13 watts 500ma 120VAC. Not sure the high power LED power supply can top that. Something about that Neon light at the end of the tunnel keeps me thinking Kentucky bourbon done straight up might drop a few $ once CFL’s are filled to the brim. Hence that gleaming white glow of LED strips might constrict pupils making difficult to locate that misplaced bottle at the end of the tunnel.

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