November 13 2014, Email of the Day.

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From: Matt W

Subject: Screwy ST Head Modification

Hello George, really enjoy your site.

Came across a video of an Indonesian that modified an ST head in such a way to make it low drag. I’m not sure I quite understand this.  Is it a prank or is there something to it?

Have a peek and let me know what you think. I’d surely value your opinion.

Thanks much,


MY Answer:

Matt, with the time allowed, this appears to be one of a thousand or more ‘free energy’ claims that can be found on you tube.

It’s all very simple to figure, first step is to pick your God, whether it’s Mother Nature, Jehovah, or the ‘strum of the great harp string’, there is a set of laws that hold it all together. The one we need remember is:

“Whatever the device, we never get more energy out than what we put in.” The universe demands a payment, and that payment is never less than no payment at all. Power out is equal to power in minus the losses, and here on Earth, we are rich in losses.

This would be easy to keep straight in your mind, BUT it’s a fact that many Humans want to deceive themselves. Some of us call them Democrats.  Did it all start with fairy tales and our desire to believe? Did you ever lay awake in bed, and wish for all it was worth that Peter, Wendy, and Tinker Bell would drop by and take you to Never Never land? Some of us have never ‘learned’ to let go of that childhood dream. ‘Hands on learning is the mightiest of teachers’.

As I have mentioned, there are parallels between energy and money, and I guess we need note that money is no more than life’s energy, and when it’s not, there is fraud and corruption at work.

Jonathan Gruber is this week’s example, and we really need note that the free energy crowd is only copying what our Government is presently doing. They think you are stupid,  or want to deceive yourself to the point where you need them as your keeper, they of course have the wisdom of the Gods.

Always Remember What Nancy Pelosi said, and remember she is exactly no different. The reason she said “we need vote on ACA before we see what’s in it”, is because she knows ACA is full of losses. But she is totally inept when it comes to common sense, her liberal mind can not grasp and hold the fact that the frictional losses are so great! She was hoping ACA would fly at least until her body came to rest, and being free of worry as per the ethics, her mind free to pitch the myth! And the typical DIYer? We want to leave our grandchildren with the same freedoms we had, we know the promise of security can’t be granted by Government.

The larger scammers are at the DOE, if they didn’t know that Ivanpah was full of losses, if they didn’t know that any machine built that doesn’t provide a benefit to man or beast is a tribute to the Gods. The fact is, there are many who will be richly rewarded for building Ivanpah, regardless of the fact that it will shortly be no more than a scar on the land.

One thing you can bank on, those who vote for the free lunch will never note that any of this doesn’t work, after all, it is their religion. It is ironic that so many of them call themselves secular, and make fun of Christians.

This old scheme has been playing well since man leaned to farm. The pyramid Cheops worth a note? All that wealth squandered to build it, and the treasury emptied and not available for needed things. A tribute to the Gods, and a resting place for Royals? The Pyramids, the tall stone figures on Easter Island, the Fields full of Amonix 7700s, and Ivanpah, they are all Monoliths built by man, and none are more than a tribute to the Gods.

No ethics, no morals, no manners, and they lead the world? The Chinese are left to scrape gum from the underside of their tables. Of course this is another of George’s rants, but History will prove the public purse was squandered, and Jonathan Gruber at MIT says no problem! You are too stupid to take note.






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16 Responses to November 13 2014, Email of the Day.

  1. Steve Jones says:

    Hmmm… I have to disagree, unless you are SURE that there are NO untapped sources of energy yet to be discovered and tapped.

    I’m not voting for free-lunch energy. But rather for – tapping untapped energy.
    Can you see the difference?

    For example, my friend, how about cold-fusion (better called LENR) of the HOH – nickel type? e-cat and Iwamura and Celani and Jones and all that?
    Are you saying that LENR is impossible? if so, how can you be so sure?

    PS – not that this generator device has any LENR in it; I’m not saying that. Just speaking of your ruling out novel freedom-energy devices in general – that’s what I disagree with.

    • George B. says:

      Sooo let me see if I get this Steve, what exactly is it we disagree on? I said you don’t get more energy out than you put in. As for sources of energy untapped, hell if I know what’s out there…

  2. BP says:

    This ST appears to have been modified into an high frequency axial flux generator producing high voltage high frequency AC sine wave. Noticed volt meter on ST5 was often pegged past 300 volts. The capacitor on the floor (500 volts) next to the AC motor is regulating the power from the ST 5 into the AC motor. Why do you think the FED confiscated all of Tesla’s play toys after he transported AC thought the air to power his electric car. Perhaps he might have discovered effect back EMF has to the flow of forward current the Lorentz law MIT professors know very little if anything other then Newton’s third law is in play. The Lenz law has to do with super conductor magnet floating another magnet on the field upon cooling to 15Kelvin the rear earth magnet then and only then defies gravity.

    Far as energy in = energy out; well we are a young species in this galaxy one of billions know to exist in this universe possibly a multiverse. For all we know the Hig’s boson (God Particle) might play a part in dark energy, the modified ST5 with 162 magnets could be tapping into. The noise ST5 is making goes beyond unreal and dang that high frequency AC can KILL humans in less than a heart beat. Hence the small AWG wire at very high amperage is in line with Tesla discoveries made over 120 years ago.

  3. BP says:

    That St5 shaft is only spinning maybe 38 RPM with the speed down pulley. Otherwise 160 magnets/4 = 10 bar magnets spread each rotor pole place in slots milled in the original detached rotor pole. Those magnets replacing the yellow bobbin coils of wire, shown only to illustrate they were replaced. That makes a total of 40 rotor poles creating the fast cogging sound heard as the pulley is spun my hand.

    How do we stop the Lorentz effect in the stator? Likely by removing the counter field from the rotor magnets that buck the counter EMF in the stator. This case noted by adding aluminum (Al) between the stator and rotor poles the Al can absorbs and spreads the bucking field into random eddy currents. Alternatively for unmodified ST5 that would otherwise cause drag on the rotor as magnetic field lines cut through the copper windings of the stator. Remove 95% drag on the rotor and you achieve a near zero energy conversion loop. The Mizner magnetic levitation effect is very similar to Lenz law undone.

  4. BP says:

    BTW: Advise not to build this modified ST5 as there is no free lunch in this design. For one the eddy current created in the (Al) cylinder would create an heat artifact. Fact is (Sm2C017) Samarium Cobalt magnets become demagnetized at 300 degrees Celsius, the stronger (NdFeB) Neodymium Iron Boron magnets even lower. The conversion of potential energy into Kinetic energy comes at a cost often in the form of radiant heat. The key to longevity is to remove the heat from the rotating (Al) cylinder before the rotor magnets become demagnetized! That part of ST5 modification is not discussed likely because the inventor has not run the Genhead for 24 hours under the rated load.

  5. BP says:

    This inventor will be sorry when his power tools universal motors burn out from running 450-475 volts into them. He shows peaks 10.6 amps inverter current draw roughly 4.7KW at 475 volts. The 3 phase induction motor with the 2 huge caps connected into what appears to be 2 phases apparently may be adding or generating power, not explained in any detail. The entire system is high voltage besides dangerous albeit is a step in the right direction, the inventor needs to be applauded!

    The huge iron pipe moves the soft iron shoes welded to the sides. The shoes act as (shutters) interrupt the magnetic lines of force between the 4 stationary rotor poles or magnets and stationary unmodified stator. He cut the original ST5 shaft before and after the 4 rotor poles mounting plate likely pressing a bearing to short shaft ends held by the aluminum end caps. That way the iron shoe shutters can spin while the rotor poles remain somewhat still? The fan could be used to cool the magnets or 4 stationary poles if the design were modified.

    Possibly omit the huge iron pipe threading the ends of shutters & bolt them to the Al end caps after milling out space for each shoe end. That way cooling air would flow through the stationary rotor 4 poles or keep 40 magnets cooled. The shutters might act as fan blades as they rotate around the mostly stationary rotor poles.

  6. BP says:

    Replay video first blue text screen inventor states ST5 generates 200 volts. Question 200v being it took very little effort to spin pulley by hand well over 300 volts. He shows rotor spins 225 RPM by laser readout but then writes 1500 RPM on paper.

    That large pipe on floor with 4 iron shoes welded inside obviously a prototype now removed from ST5. Seems the inventor did my suggested & shows same in CAD each shoe 4 total has 2 threaded bolt holes each end. His CAD animation has original 4 (no spin) ST5 rotor coils on the interior connected to the cut shaft.

    It is plausible to (Snub) counter EMF in coils (collapsing field) in a DC circuit by adding a diode in parallel across each coil. Doing similar (snub) via an apposing magnetic field kept in synchronization with sine wave generation by adding an interior cage to open/close the EMF window has not been discovered until this inventor seemingly has accomplished the unthinkable.

    Should this (snub EMF) be true it will revolutionize AC power generation, reduce coal, natural gas, nuclear fuel rod consumption and best of all reduce Co2 emissions world wide. The possibility to power Automobiles without long range LIPO batteries is most significant. Asking Salam about the smaller AC motor, why 2 capacitors and is this motor 3 phase?

    • BP says:

      US patent: James W. German;jsessionid=DF9DBE33C975DB9ADFB860B88FB993BC

      Some how the inventor (ST5) was able to mimic torque assist described in patent. Highly suspect modified ST5 became no more than a motor generator driven by a motor generator. He claims 200 volts but the voltmeter on ST5 pegs & bounces well over 300v.

    • Johann Bruwer says:

      Just to clarify about the RPM: The inventor does explain (in really bad unclear writing and broken English) that the demonstrated unit is a 5KVA generator and it has 40 poles in parallel and uses 162 magnets hence the slow RPM. No idea how you fit 40 poles in there nor how 162 magnets fit in but thats what he said. Then he states that the design he is explaining how to build is different from the one he shows working and simpler – a 10 KVA generator using only 4 stator magnets and that it will rotate at 1500 RPM.

      • BP says:

        Possibly 1500 rpm is also the smaller driver pulley AC motor running speed @50Hz? The 225 rpm ST5 shaft speed reduced by very large pulley. Either way ST5 AC meter is shown over 300 VAC likely at a deadly & higher frequency other than 50Hz. The use of variable frequency to control AC induction motor shaft speed is common today.

  7. bob g says:

    oh boy!

    funny all the fun you have George!

    and you keep it all to yourself?


    bob g

  8. George B. says:

    Bob G.

    They told us it was an evil weed….

  9. bob g says:

    and to think that they tell us you cannot OD on weed?

    seems like some folks are very close to proving that one wrong!

    i am totally convinced each day i am alive, the more stupid folks i encounter, and the dumber i get.

    too bad i don’t smoke i guess! 😉

    bob g

    • George B. says:

      It is a simple thing to measure ‘power in’ and expect less out. But there are some who don’t know where ‘in’ is. With the EV, the ‘in’ is back at the power plant, and between there, and the rear wheels, we need to account for the losses.

      Henry David Thoreau writes about ideas, the same ideas that todays free energy thinkers thought they thunk for the first time ever. Whether we agree with much Thoreau wrote on Walden, he was a good accountant and kept accurate records of energy spent. But he writes of the traveler, and that Irishman Coyle, in his day there were plenty who kept no records at all.

      • bob g says:

        one of thoreau’s characters in “walden” was the village idiot.

        as i recall the village idiot went through his life, perfectly happy in his ignorance.

        its just too bad the village idiots are running the show these days. or at least trying to do so.

        bob g

      • BP says:

        And to think some folks considered Einstein’s splitting the atom complete fiction back in the day. Yet he proved to the world not once but three times most scientists were completely wrong about energy. Not more than 35 years ago astrophysics believed the Milkyway Galaxy the entire universe until Hubble proved them wrong. DOE well scrambled mandated revisions to every textbook ever written.

        The scientific community endlessly back peddling, seemingly closed minded until revelations prove otherwise. $$ at stake, often the dirty laundry leads to individuals attempting to retain their crony built empires at the expense of enlightenment. The dumb leading the even dumber follow along without questioning why. Soon all are swimming in the very same cesspool dumbfounded by what E=mc^2 truly means.

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