February 28 Email of the day. Importing goods

My thanks to Russell for sharing his Question of the day.

Subject: Help on MSDS

Message Body:

Good Morning George,

I was wondering if you could help me out, I have bought 6/1 Lister diesel on UK e-bay few month ago. If I only knew how much work it was going to be to get it to USA I sure would think about it twice. Finally I have paper work in place and engine was picked up by my shipper. Shipper is now asking me that the carrier is requesting that I provide an MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheet for the 6/1 do you have any idea where to get this information?

Thank you

Russell N

Comments from George:

The Carrier is only attempting to cover their Ass.. they don’t care much unless flammable materials, acids, or other things are on the list..

I’d get hold of any MSDS sheet.. .. copy the format..

List steel, cast iron, brass, rubber, copper.. and get it to them ASAP, so they can’t charge you expensive storage fees..

others, please comment, you may have a better answer..  




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6 Responses to February 28 Email of the day. Importing goods

  1. Butch says:

    You are dealing with some people whos first day was today, none the less they must be dealt with.
    MSDS is an OSHA requirement for chemical items used in the workplace. As a assembly there is no such requirement for an engine even when in the workplace. Also MSDS does not apply to items used at home so you dont need one twice, (that sounds goofy eh? LOL)
    Think of it this way, did you get an MSDS with your car? No, however at the factories where it was built each metal and plastic and chemical used to build that car has an MSDS sheet. The explanation on OSHA’s site used electrical wire as the example. In the factory where it is made there must be an MSDS for each item used in making the wire but there is no MSDS requirement for the finished product, workplace or at home.
    I understand you cant just tell them to go fly a kite but this is what you need to explain to your importer, what they ask for is not possible, or needed.

    • George B. says:

      Thanks Butch! Always remember, it is normally your wallet that covers defaults and shortages.. and as Butch says.. we best not tell them to ‘stuff it’ I have never been asked for a MSDS sheet except at work where we needed a sheet in the book for the soap we had in the friggen bathroom! But there was a conversation about the same request just a day or two prior,… so who knows what crazy stuff they might add to a shippers responsibilities and when?

      There is growing red tape and fees for shippers, and many have left the game, others still don’t know they’re not making enough to stay in business. bottom line, don;t be too critical of the landed price till you see what a person had to do in order to get it here.

  2. SWLee says:

    my understanding of MSDS is related to handling of chemical such as spillage or accidental poisoning by skin contact or ingestion.

    it lists the compound, effect and remedies or th needed first aid medical attention.

    in the factory i now work, our OHS policy require all chemical like substances to be accompanied with a MSDS before it is allow to be used in the works.

    for a engine, i dont see how this is applicable.

    hope this helps

    • George B. says:

      Lee, your comment is valuable to our community, it helps us to understand that this requirement is not just in North America.

      I think you and Butch have it just right. but.. I would have had a lot of fun making up an MSDS sheet for a Lister 6/1 🙂

  3. Dave says:

    MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Is now called SDS (Safety Data Sheet) or will be soon. I believe the government is changing the regulations so if you can’t read or speak English you can figure out the dangers of lack of without reading. Lots of new pictograms. I had to take a test on the changes the other day and the change is supposed to take effect in a couple of years.

    • George B. says:

      So Dave, I woner if they’ll feed a rat ground up cast iron and see how much it takes to kill him? We do know.. if you drop a Listeroid on a rat, he’s a gonner..

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