Be prepared, cut and stack some wood soon.

DIYers usually know which way the wind is blowing, and they normally know when they’re downwind from the pigs. There’s little mystery in the popularity of the AGW.

Can you imagine trying to predict how warm it will be and NOT factoring the variability of your heat source?    

While others make plans to roast, we should be cutting wood and stacking it now.  That wood stove you were wise enough to keep could be what keeps your pipes from freezing in winters to come.

People who spend time in Russia tell me it’s hard to find anyone who will admit to having been a member of the communist party. So it will be here with AGW, those who call you a denier today will have forgotten how angry they were that you were just too stupid to figure out it was warmer 🙂 There’s two camps… Skeptical and Gullible, don’t let them forget who they were.

George B.

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  1. home alone 777 says:

    Hello George
    I’m new here and not very good with computers, but I’ve read some of your info. on
    indian listeroids and pray to God the epa will ease up on it’s regs. I want to do what ever it takes to meet thier calling to own one of those engines . being from back in the
    hills of KY. I know what a power outage is! winter or summer. I’m an avid DIYer
    not much choice really. would apprceiate ANY. info. you could give me as I’m interested in a 12/1 diesel 4 pole genset, but as of now just getting the engine would
    be just fine.
    WHEN the next big event comes, I want to be ahead of the curve, not having to try to adjust in it. I don’t want to down the epa, but they give me the feeling when it comes; They just want us to lay down and die. I agree we need to cut back on pollution, but from what I’ve found out there’s not that many hillbillies [proud to be an honest one to] left.
    grant it Lord willing we will survive, but a set up like that sure would ease my mind.
    I’ve already heard a fema phrase about trying to survive if fuel or electric failed for a peorid of time…remember Katrina…remember Hati…WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE HERE!.The USA I mean, In no way should anyone think; It can’t happen here.
    In Hati society broke down to total caos for a while. I can’t imagine what that would be like; So my mentality is be ready to Pray to JESUS and learn as much as possible about the old ways of living for I firmly belive they will be upon us sooner than we think… Not to say I’m looking forward to it, cause’ I’m not.
    Can you picture total social break down here? Be a lot to deal with! Don’t take life for granted.

    sincerly SC.

    • George B. says:

      If we (as a nation) keep spending at this insane rate, we will see a time when life is best on a plat of land where you can raise some food and more. There’s a trend you might not be noticing. Jobs are fleeing from states like Illinois to southern states like yours, soon there may be no place there for a hillbillie. You might have sidewalks and street lights out front sooner than you think. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can.

      Supply and demand will shake out the Lister type Market, If the demand remains strong, they will be imported as natural gas engines, parts, or? Co-Gen applications are promising and we know how important a true stationary design is.. inexpensive parts and a design that can be quickly rebuilt in place will offer a best solution for a co-gen prime mover. There may be a market for an after market crank case that has a generous door to enable us to rebuild in place and take popular stock parts from an over the road diesel truck? The nitch will be filled sooner or later.. for now, seems natural gas or ordering parts and building a co-gen plant may be a consideration, by the time you get it built, the EPA might be large enough where they’ll have a few employees assigned to make field visits in your hills, and maybe the emissions equipment to test your design? If you are at the heart of the DIYer movement, you are always experimenting and researching a better solution, we need not have A PhD, but fact is some DIYers do…

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