Free Energy! Open Your Mind! Here’s your chance to comment. Saturday 3/24/2012 thought of the day.







Perhaps you’ve taken the opportunity to watch some of Professor Muller’s excellent lectures (see the previous post).  What it brings to light is what actually drives a lot of major decisions, and perhaps that’s most uninformed voters, and elected officials who will promise them the impossible to assure they capture their votes?

Here’s a video clip you must watch, but you will do it only to answer the following question.

Thinking caps on please! Video  

OK, now that you’ve processed this, it’s obvious the girl needs a calculator and a minute at the black board with a tutor. What may not be so obvious is there’s so many Men who will call her and idiot but believe you can get more energy out of something than what you put in. Are they just as challenged as this girl?

God…. help us, they vote…

On Sunday morning, expect a most interesting post from one of the World’s great ‘off grid’ Diyers. Want to learn about Nukes, you don’t go to the Sierra club, you go to a person like Prof Muller. Want to learn the truth about third world engines?  You go to people like ND to get the data from long term operations, who else do you know that personally has as more hours running as Willem promises to give you?

We’ll share an interesting failure, and I will suggest a root cause for the failure. but do note, I’m a Student of these studies, never the Teacher, so you need help validate my thinking, or lack of it.

Interesting that Quinn hasn’t dropped in? Sunday’s post will have him wanting pictures at 10 power 🙂


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6 Responses to Free Energy! Open Your Mind! Here’s your chance to comment. Saturday 3/24/2012 thought of the day.

  1. Brian Ward says:

    She’s a useful idiot. Useful for what? Well he didn’t marry her for her mind. Politicians love idiots too, they’re always screwing the voters, most of which are idiots.

  2. Quinn says:

    My ears were burning. You piqued my interest. Can’t wait to see what the failure mode would be on one of those engines after 20,000 hours. But whatever it turns out to be, expect your friend in Centralia to say his engines are guaranteed to go 5 times that. I recall Jack’s engine at about 12,000 hours was still clacking along, and that was about the time we learned about the oiling grooves in the top bearing shell being the cause of the failures.

    Re: the blonde, it’s a case of her simply overthinking the problem. I bet if you he had written it down on paper and she looked at it, she wouldn’t have made that mistake.

    Waiting with bated breath . . .

    • George B. says:

      Yes Quinn, your are right on about the Blonde… My approach would have been to say… “let’s forget about miles all together.. they are simply a unit of measure right? Instead, let’s talk about making apple cider, lets say you can squeeze 80 cups of apple juice an hour, now tell me.. how many cups is that an hour? The blonde isn’t as challenged as the free energy crowd..

  3. Russ Davis says:

    THAT was painful to watch.

    I wonder what her answer would be to the question;

    Which weighs more, a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?

  4. Richard says:

    All I can say is you got to be kidding. I know we all have skills but what is her skill.

  5. George B. says:

    Russ.. Richard, we are talking in ‘relative terms’. This blonde is attempting to address reality and build a foundation for her understanding, she hasn’t given up! Those who work on magnet free energy machines are less thoughtful, and have no need to understand the basics before they move on to solve the world’s problems and claim the fame and fortune they feel they deserve.
    At no time did the blonde tell us of her mastery of the topic. She’s not selling. I reflect on the moniker ‘Polaris’, a man who was attempting to market his method of gaining a 30% increase in fuel/kwh figures by changing out the valves, and a few other basic things in an engine with a 70 year history. We all knew he didn’t know how to measure real power, and that was exactly why he was reporting so much. He left in a huff, as we didn’t acknowledge his God like gifts to us.. I only suggest that this blonde is so much smarter than Polaris. I became fully aware of why he picked that moniker, he was a gift to Man Kind, “our guiding star”. Quinn.. I love to pick on the boy, but at the end of the day, he embarrasses me with his mature and thoughtful way of looking at the world. He teaches me a bunch, as everyone here does..

    Saturday is practice for Sunday’s topic 🙂

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