Wind, Solar, or the HoJo? Sunday Musings

There’s no doubt in my mind that such a question would be torture to answer for at least half of the people in Washington DC, and sadly enough, that goes for a lot of people in top positions. I’d bet the Vice President already has his HoJo plans..

Watch the following presentation, it is brilliantly tuned to appeal to their intended victim, and they understand that most all who would visit utterpower (DIYers) have been inoculated and would never fall for such a thing.  But those who are cocksure that Big Oil, and Big Energy are their enemies are fodder for their scheme.

The difference of course, is their victims volunteer, in all too many cases, we are forced to pay into government schemes just as nuts as the HoJo, and possibly more dishonest. Solyndra is only the tip of the iceberg, incredible wealth transferred directly from your social security fund into the hands of corporations with zero chance of making a profit.

But.. if you think it over, modern day Politicians employ near identical tactics, they >BUY< your vote by promising you the impossible.

As a side note, I’ll be watching those Lister CS Air Compressor Sales on Ebay, as you know, compressing air makes a lot of heat, if you build the Hojo, maybe you run that compressor for free, and heat your shop?

Have a great Sunday

George B.


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2 Responses to Wind, Solar, or the HoJo? Sunday Musings

  1. Richard says:

    At the bottom of the page is a disclaimer link. It says in so many words that they are not responsible if it doesn’t work. Also you can’t use any part of their web site to sue them and it is the magazine that wrote the article that is responsible for the claims not them. In other words everyone who buys this can eat sh*t if it doesn’t work.
    Also read the ‘use of the site’ under the disclaimer!
    Fun Fun but it’s sad that people will get screwed by this article.
    The really funny thing is I remember and have the original article in my file cabinet.

    • George B. says:

      Perhaps it’s Huntsman and Newt behind the Hojo Motor Plans? Seems they have fairly flexible consititutions.
      We look on as about half the nation is angered by Tebow and his religious convictions. It seems so many are looking for a real foot ball star,
      one who beats the hell out of his wife, smokes crack, fights dogs till one of them dies, or maybe crossed over the centerline while driving DUI to kill a family of four? Those who are outraged by Tebow
      are often the same who could quickly forgive all the other behaviors mentioned. No wonder we have the people in office we do 🙂


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