Seattle Snow, A Short Story for Wednesday Jan 18.

Ahh, Snow in Seattle, it’s always a treat to watch the car crashes.

Grandson Zach and his first real experience to play in snow.
Grandson Zach and his first real experience to play in snow.
As I watched TV this morning, I saw news coverage from a local TV station that “staked out” our steepest hill in the area, “James Street in Kent, Washington” It’s a traditional effort to catch the first idiot who attempts to make this steep hill before the city can barricade it off.  There’s several routes up the hill, all of them far better than this one, and normally plowed and sanded by the City or County.
This year’s first attempt was claimed by a man who spoke with a strong accent, he said he was from Chicago, and everybody back there knew how to drive in the snow…. “not like here”.  When asked why he wasn’t able to make it up the hill, he replied, “I dunno, my car just wouldn’t make it.”
It seems a lot of folks from the flat land never seem to learn much about gravity. Many are convinced they have talents for driving in the snow, and they attempt that near 6% grade here on snow and ice 🙂 Others stop at the base of a hill  to do a quick survey, “should I go up this or not? Of course, as soon as they step on the pedal again, they find themselves making a bobsled run down the hill and hitting other cars who didn’t anticipate the near insane move made ahead of them.
Snow in Seattle is top entertainment, and we can thank a lot of transplants for the fun.  I’m sure there’s body shops in the area that were close to going out of business, by tomorrow morning they’ll be looking for places to park pending work 🙂
George B.
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7 Responses to Seattle Snow, A Short Story for Wednesday Jan 18.

  1. vlad says:

    Got v-bar tire chains??
    Evacuating the area because of a hurricane?
    Taking a loved one to the ER at oh dark thirty?
    You may not go far on ice, snow or mud without v-bar
    tire chains.
    Last time I bought a set of v-bars at NAPA a youngster
    at my elbow asked incredulously,
    “Where you going you need something like that??”
    If you get stuck remember this.
    Good samaritans stop to help you.
    Predators stop to help themselves

  2. Russ says:

    I guess it helps if the chains are put on the wheels getting power…..

    Starting @1:20 of this vid;

  3. Quinn says:

    Wife called last night after getting home from work. Said the schools were announcing they were closing and keep yer kids home. Hospital where she works announced employees could stay there overnight if they couldn’t make it home. All for 2″ of the white stuff. Wife said she passed a number of cars in the ditch as she drove home smugly in her AWD Honda CRV, stopping in the church parking lot to do some spins. Some kids never grow up.

  4. Joan Roper says:

    Ahh, the joys of winter and watching transplant daredevils!

  5. Uncle Ray says:

    The perfect winter storm, just as I remember it as a young man growing up in Des Moines… Northeast Florida is not much better in the summer with the threat of hurricanes. The hill to the west of South Center always seemed to attract the idiots when the snow fell. I remember working for the towing company in Midway, and it always amazed me to see how many people would try to make that last beer run on Friday night after 6 hours of snowfall. Stupid is as stupid does, mama always said…

    Keep warm,

    Uncle Ray.

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