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Get your Lister CS clone Now!

If you are a visitor to utterpower, you might remember an article about the Import of Lister CS type clones and why they are still in demand and have a large following. Many of us have come to understand that the EPA is driven by politics and their discussions of banning model airplane engines less they be equipped with emission systems is a testament to their insanity, we know that many of these engines run only a few minutes during their life times on average, and over our lifetimes, we’ve seen many that have never made their way out of the box they were sold in!  And now we see that Lisa Jackson has little time for anything other than her Activist agenda.

If you study Prohibition, you might be amazed by all the loop holes and provisions put in place to allow the elected officials to get their supply of alcohol. It will be no surprise if we see the same types of things happen in our community as we attempt to be our self reliant selves.

As a service to our DIYer community, and to those who risk considerable money to provide services and needed parts to our community, I issue this warning!

Indian crates made in the traditional way can and do harbor pests, and I have seen piles of saw dust under crates  in the ware house from crates that were fumigated! These recent arrivals (as seen above on eBay) WERE shipped in old style crating, and one day soon, an Agriculture inspector will take a flashlight and look under these types of crates and see the tell tale signs the wood is full of larva, or wood-boring insects, and condemn your shipment at great cost to you!

China got the message so long ago, most of their goods arrive here in composites, and pallet bottoms that need the strength, are often sheet metal re-enforced. IF you buy anything from Canada like you see in the above picture on eBay, don’t believe this wood is pest free, and for goodness sake, burn the shipping material as soon as humanely possible, North American Farmers need our help and support!

And a mention of Ultra Capacitors. There are a few ebay sales going on that offer used ultra capacitors out of city transit Vehicles, they are between 2600 and 3000 farad, a mind numbing capacity to store energy, and according to researchers, there is reason to expect that the power density of these capacitors could increase to the point where they might compete with batteries for storage capacity, they already live thousands of times longer than batteries. This may be your chance to snag some of these caps to play with.

One viable project could be to set up two or three solar panels in series and feed the output to charge a bank or banks of capacitors and literally run a wire feed welder directly off the capacitors!

I always ask myself, what would Mad Max do? And I think he’d be ‘all for this idea’.  I’m  sure I have all too little understanding of these caps, but I think it is important that we don’t exceed their voltage rating, and I ask myself what happens if we have capacitors in series, and one does short out, won’t that put a higher voltage across the rest if there’s not some protection? Perhaps the answer is to have protection across each cap, like a zener and resistor? Maybe some feed back to the power supply when a trouble is detected?

Since I am only curious about the potential (not informed), I mention that these caps are likely coming out of service because there’s new advancements and better ones going in.. far more expensive I’d imagine.

George B.



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  1. Harold says:

    It sort of looks like the “Super Capacitor” has already gone the way solar panels, windmills and ethanol are going.

    “EEStor, Inc. remains on track to begin shipping production 15 kilowatt-hour Electrical Energy Storage Units (EESU) to ZENN Motor Company in 2007 for use in their electric vehicles.”

    Hey guys, we’re still waiting. See:

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