Another Lesson in Kiss Engineering

There are a few products I’ve put on the shelf that have been distilled down to KISS to a high degree, (at least in my mind).  KISS engine Lift KISS engine Lift



I thought I’d share one KISS idea here after visiting a WEBsite where I saw a far more complicated lift being advertised. In my mind, KISS engineered means you make every effort to use the most readily available, and least expensive parts to do the complete job. We need be curious, and in this case, there may be all too few that know that the common nuts and connectors down at the local hardware store fit those studs on Lister CS, and Lister Clones 🙂

As I always say, you need do the math first, and in this case, it was an inventory of the facts, just how many threads per inch do we have, and what did the Brits use? While we’re at it, we might check out the other fasteners and see if there’s a common equivalent in our North American parts supply, you may be surprised 🙂

Another part of KISS is understanding how loads are carried, and if we can carry the load from directly above that massive stud, it might be best.  In one version of this lift, I set up a composite cut off saw to cut chain links in half and welded in the chain link or even a piece of chain. There are variations you will consider based on the materials in your junk box, and your skills and equipment available to you.

One bit of advice, slot your holes in that lifting bar just a bit, so you can compensate for the slight differences you will see from engine to engine.

About 95% of making something is in the thinking of how to make it simple.

All the best,

George B



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  1. George B. says:

    And if you read this far, let me say, if you are going to attach a chain link half, drill holes, and shove the link through the horizontal bar and weld on the bottom side with a bit protruding. We want this link strong don’t we..

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