Xantrex 3000 Inverter Chargers

Republished from the UtterPower archives. Originally this article announced some used Xantrex 3000 Inverter/chargers that were for sale directly from Xantrex. You can always check with them to see what they have in stock.

Do not confuse the Xantrex 3000 inverter with lower efficiency units like one of the Coleman 3000 watt units, always look at the ‘no load’ current draw and ask yourself if you can live with it, or if that alone is going to drain your battery!

Of course this is reflected in the overall efficiency figure. My unit came with a remote switch (often another $20) and the 120VAC output of the inverter is brought out through a connector for connection to flexible plastic conduit you can find at Home Depot. (you could use metal if your app requires it)

Xantrex Inverter/ChargersThis inverter is ready for your cabin, RV, or Big Rig!  There are a lot of things you can do with this kind of power aboard your motor home, truck, and even for off grid living. I post this as a service to readers, I like the fact that the cut off is set higher, this gives you half a chance to start the rig IF your main start batteries power the inverter, and of course there are a lot of folks that don’t like to discharge a battery below this level for a number of reasons.

With an inverter aboard your pickup, you’ll find it real handy and inexpensive to carry a cheap electric chain saw and more, it’s hard to keep a gas saw ready to go, much easier to get one of those dirt cheap electric saws, and I’m amazed how much cutting I’ve already done with mine. Last week I set a ladder off the tail gate of my truck, climbed up a flowering cherry tree out front, and dropped two branches that the garbage man has tried to break off because it interferes with his route. Neighbor came out and followed the cord into the truck, “hey, that’s really cool” he said.

Another thing I love to do is plug in the shop VAC to clean up the carpets, and under the canopy.

Click to learn more > Xantrex Freedom SW 3000 Inverter/Charger

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2 Responses to Xantrex 3000 Inverter Chargers

  1. Tierra Shipley says:

    Hi, I’m a little confused about how to set up this inverter. So I’m hoping someone can clear it up for me before I buy.
    I was told that I take my solar panels and hook them up to my charge controller, then connect that to my battery and finally my batteries to the inverter… right?
    So then do I plug my 120v appliances like my mini fridge and microwave directly into the inverter?
    Are there outlets on this inverter? if not how do I get 120v outlets connected to the inverter?
    What is all this stuff I’m reading about fuses and fuse boxes and what not… Do I need that? Do they connect to the inverter.. I’m really confused, female, and new to the solar thing. lol

    I plan on putting this system into an extended cargo vana I bought.
    2 Solar panels = 630watts (315 each)
    charge controller = Morningstar TS-MPPT-60
    Batteries = 6 Trojan T-105RE
    And finally, Inverter/Charger = Xantrex Freedom SW 3000
    I just need to figure out how to work things from the inverter…

    Thanks for any help.

    • George B. says:

      Let us know where you are, there are normally others that can help you with a first install.. you have a few things to optomize.. most MPPTs will take panels in series, you need consider that if possible..

      fuses? there may be breakered outlets built into your inverter. check that… if you add moe plugs, they should be on a breaker as well..

      You may also need to breaker the inputs to your MPPt and out of it too.. and you should fuse between the batery and inverter..

      you need think About YOUR BATTERIES and how you will rack them, MAKE IT EASY TO CHECK THE WATER AND TO ADD WATER TO THE CELLS..

      Don not put electronics above your batteries, do consider a vent for your batteries to gas through.

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