Utterpower PMG Stolen

This could be fun, there’s  little chance the person who took a DIYer built generator powered by a small single cylinder Kubota and using one of utterpower’s early single voltage PMGs (120VAC only) realizes how unique it is!

It’s now a small world isn’t it? The unit is easily recognizable because it has green end bells, and a hollow shaft.  The  unit was taken from 8164 County Rd 192 Anderson, Texas. I’ll gladly pitch in on the reward, and so will the real owner. See it, got a cell phone, take a picture why don’t you?

Assistant Prof Pejman A and students at Manhattan College

Assistant Prof Pejman A and students at Manhattan College

Shown here is one of the early single voltage units, most of which were  distributed to research OR sold to hard core off gridders with the expectation I get feedback on performance. If you see one in Texas, please email george (at) utterpower.com

Thanks in advance for any help, and God bless Texas.

George B.

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One Response to Utterpower PMG Stolen

  1. George B. says:

    just received this:

    Dang, that post was fast —- THANK YOU!
    You never know, maybe a friend of the thief may need a little reward money. I will gladly pay $500.00 for the return of my unit with the kubota still attached and in good working order.

    Sincerely, Chris S
    PS– If there is ever anything you need from TEXAS, please let me know

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