Wiki Leaks Gold! Damming? You be the judge.

If you haven’t discovered Joanne Nova’s website, It’s a good one to save and a good place to visit once in a while, I just visited it to see if she had picked up on the latest from wiki leaks. Sure enough, she’s got the news posted. While you’re there, consider buying her some chocolate with a small paypal donation, she’s an Ozzie Girl we can all appreciate.

Before I forget, UN climate chief Pachauri is in the news again, here’s a snippit “A year after Climategate, the IPCC’s Pachauri still refuses to face reality and clings to the deeply flawed 4th Assessment Report, which has been completely discredited over the past year after it was revealed that many of its supposedly “peer-reviewed sources” were actually based on activist reports and interviews with hikers.”  Yes, we know Pachauri was trained as an Engineer and worked on Railroads, I think there’s a job waiting for him in Rajkot, he might help the industry produce a balanced mechanical assembly in the slow speed industry.     

And another one: 

Now do you think they’re up to all this just to cool the planet one tenth of a degree over the next how many years? No way, it’s all about Cap and Trade and you being talked into surrendering every right to the Feds, or possibly even worse…  Ask the British how smart they feel about turning over decision making to Foreigners. But… we need note, the decision was made for the British people (EU participation), same as the decision for a healthcare plan that will bankrupt the USA was made by partisans in power for the moment.

It’s not that these Jackels took my right to order a new Lister type CS, it’s that they intend to take away every right;  “save my right to pay taxes”.

Maybe it’s time you watch this old classic for free? See how many characters you can recognize, do you see your naive friend who wanted to believe so badly? Maybe he still does? If you want to go pig hunting, there’s a lot of places to look. Head of the EPA, NOAA, NASA, IPCC?  You need limit your search to the ‘house’ that’s where they’ll be.


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2 Responses to Wiki Leaks Gold! Damming? You be the judge.

  1. Brian says:

    Re: Video: Wow, that’s 1.5 hours of my life I’ll never get back.
    Just kidding!!
    Actually I’ve never seen or read George Orwell’s Animal Farm before. Thanks for introducing me to this old classic. History does indeed repeat itself. Anyone who can’t see the parallels to today world are truly the sheep, as in the movie.

  2. George B. says:

    Brian, you’ll recognize the Pigs as Czars today, and even organizations we all thought were about the ‘hard sciences’ are headed by appointees of PIGs! But surely, we all have friends who never question the real motives of Pigs, it’s always been the case. What’s most disturbing is believers call us skeptics as if that’s a bad thing:-) Of course we know the opposite of skeptical is gullible, and we see that trait in other things these sheep do. We note the difference between Alarmists and Believers.

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