What should be a minimum legal dwelling?

Does this man need a legal composting toilet and an Attorney?

You be the Judge…

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5 Responses to What should be a minimum legal dwelling?

  1. Russ Davis says:

    To me, if he’s happy and not bothering anyone, I don’t see a problem.

    Unfortunately this falls under the heading “government thinks it knows what is best for us”.

  2. Tracy says:

    I agree with Russ. In fact, I have lived in a similar manner, on my own land.
    As far as I am concerned, it is none of anyone’s business but his own. He could live in a jungle hammock, cook on a campfire and use a hand-dug latrine, and I would support his right to do so. Maybe even envy him a little bit.
    This man is intelligent and will come up with something (perhaps move his travel trailer to a freer county or state?), but the county wouldn’t care if they were forcing him to live under a bridge.
    My advice to that man would be to sell the land and buy somewhere else, because that county is never going to let him be.

    • George B. says:

      There are certainly laws he must meet. Personally, I htink it would be a lot of fun to work with the country and find out exactly what their minimum requirements are? I’m not sure this land owner knows how to play the cards he holds against the County. How many gallons of water must he have on hand? What are the minumum requirements for toilet? How muc for a sani can?

  3. Greg says:

    The humanure/compost system works great.
    However, I modified a Sun-Mar composting toilet and it works great.

    The SunMar uses tons of electricity for heating and venting ( way more that I can take on my off-grid system. So I made it where it diverts the urine which enabled me to not use the 250 watt heater and I made an inline vent fan w/ a muffin fan that only draws 8 watts continuous.

    The urine that is diverted fertilizes my bananas (fertilizer is high dollar here in Hawaii) so it makes me money.

    • George B. says:

      Greg, I think Science should rule the day as per health codes. Your example is a good one. We are told Urine is normally sterile, and when it is properly returned to the soil, it’s a good thing. What we’re left with is the other stuff, and if we are able to control the odor and fully compost this material to meet all health standards, let’s allow it.
      It’s likely the guy is generating a lot of complaints into the county seat, and they in turn are forced to see if he is meeting the law and minimum standards.
      Water is a commodity, in many areas it is literally trucked in, there are places in Montana where rain water is still collected and diverted into cisterns for drinking and more. I don’t see how any county can mandate how you acquire your water, but they may be able to mandate a minimum amount on hand.
      Too bad some local DIYers can’t help this guy investigate minimum requirements and meet them. This could force the people who are complaining to address the real problem, they likely don’t like the eye sore he is creating by dragging a bunch of junk onto his land. I’m not sure I’d like him for a neighbor and there’s a good chance his neighbors feel the same way.
      As for current events, we see our elected officials are piling on the pork to this latest bill. It matters not how bankrupt we already are! The reason I mention it… If we keep this up as a nation, this man’s accommodations might look attractive compared to no home at all.
      Senator Landrieu leads the way in arguing that keeping a tax rate at its present rate is the same as the government giving that tax payer money from the treasury. If this argument can prevail, nearly any argument will fly. “No man shall have a three bedroom house until all of use have a two bedroom house.” Is this the beginning of the end, and is that why Greg moved from the suburbs to a patch of jungle?

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