A Course in Critical Thinking?

It’s important that you read this page before clicking on the link below. The last question I ask on this page.. “Why would you buy this product when you can easily add yourself as an afilliate and make 75% comission on a sale?

All around us we see insanity, and many of us note that there’s too few doing anything about it.  Here’s the perfect oppurtunity for you to make a 75% comission off a green product, all you need do is learn how easy it is to set your ethics aside. Maybe it is a world of animals out there, and it’s the strongest that win?

Of course, the product doesn’t work, but many of them don’t, and you don’t see your elected leaders feeling any guilt over accepting bribes (contributions) in exchange for their endorsement of stuff equally worthless do you?

I think it’s very important that you click on those little links on the bottom, (disclaimer and afilliates). In my opinion, people who beleive in a free ride in finance are generally the same as those who believe in free energy. They arrive at this website as pre-qualified prey.

Many don’t know the difference between an IOU and a BTU, so it’s much easier for them to believe in magic. 

We are witness to watching countries like Greece fail, and others taking the same test as you will take on this page, you ask yourself, is this too good to be true? Others might say.. “either way, I’m making money today.”  Even though it’s obvious that Social Security is broken badly, we have people like Harry Reid telling us Social Security is fine.. who you gonna believe, him or your own eyes?

As Harry Reid once told us….. “I made my money through prudent investing”, Harry would call this a prudent investment I’m sure.    

“Why would you buy this product when you can easily add yourself as an afilliate and make 75% comission ?” 

Email of the day follows..  

George, Check this out .

Is this possible?



My answer…..”not a chance in hell” it works….

AS for Greece…they may not all be stupid, many just didn’t realize how quickly the debt came due. Will WI be any smarter? We’ll watch together. It’s all a lesson in critical thinking. Some one has to pay the bill..       


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  2. George B. says:

    I received this from a thoughtful reader.. yes, this post is all about critical thinking,

    George, et. al.,
    I just read your latest blog entry and copied the URL and sent it off to my son’s physics teacher. There are so many things wrong with that ad, I thought it would make a good critical thinking exercise for the class.

    As I have mentioned many times, after years of reading emails I get, I find that the people who believe in a free ride in finance are the same ones who believe in a free ride in physics. This is why I dare mix in politics, I know it’s a big turn off for 90% who might find the post, but my audiance are DIYers, they are generally more inclined to see the connection.. (so I think). G

  3. Thomas says:

    I did something like this as a science fair project when I was in high school. I didn’t win any awards that year. Just think, if the internet had existed then, I could have sold the idea online and made lots of money! That was long enough ago that I’d probably be out of jail by now…

  4. George B. says:

    lots of people offer the impossible in exchange for money, our elected officials do it everyday, and few ever see jail time..

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