Email of the day, what you think of this? 12-3-2012

Just the Facts Please

It’s not that hard to run this piece of chalk…

Hi George 

What do you think of this.

Its a local company with awards and investors but no large scale prototypes.

You put this funnel on top of a building and have the turbine turning on ground level.


(George’s Answer)



Remember you asked what I think, so here it is..   

I’d bet you know at least one of those who gave testament 🙂 

 Keep an open mind when I tell you this… and then conduct your own experiments as I have done for 15 years or more.

There are minds wired to associate any movement with energy potential. they …see it move, they want to harness it, we might ask ourselves, is this some sort of genetic defect in man?

The critical thinker sees the movement and asks “how much energy might be available?” “I should measure it.”

Intelligence and critical thinking skills seem unrelated!  Because you have one doesn’t mean you have the other.

I feel sorry for the people that gave testimonials here. Those who know anything about energy will only be saddened that they were used by snakes selling their snake oil.

Those who give testament were hand selected to do so. Those who designed this concept and marketing approach know human behavior, and exactly what kind of bait their victims bite on.

At the heart of scams like this one are the total lack of measurements and power figures, A Banker and Telecom people who likely spent the larger part of their career working on what? A mention of a person previously working in the alternative Energy field, let me ask.. have you ever talked to salesmen in this market? Most couldn’t tell you the formula for calculating power in a DC circuit with a light bulb for a load!

But before I close, this is no more than the private sector attempting to use the same scams as our elected officials use to stay in power. The promise of the easy road (no matter how ridiculous the claims) is intoxicating.

In closing, this scam was NOT designed to attract you as an investor, but you will know a few who would invest.. 


 P.S.   There were not so many of these gimmicks in Montana in the early years.. they hung most of men who offered such investments.

Now days, the DOE punishes us by awarding  them money from the public purse.



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14 Responses to Email of the day, what you think of this? 12-3-2012

  1. Quinn says:

    Stuff like this depresses me. In a world without friction it just might work. Trouble is . . .

  2. bob g says:

    two things

    you cannot escape the “betz” limit, it is carved in stone, it only allows for ~57.6% of the power of an air column before the air simply spills around either the rotor or in this case the funnel intake, and

    we only need look at “ram” induction systems, a maximum of a 7 degree included angle of a funnel is all that you can do and get any acceleration of an air column.. even then the gains are in the single digits.

    more hocus pocus from an industry that is rife with wild ass claims, going back decades.

    bob g

  3. George B. says:


    We are not fooled by this, so we need ask, just who is? Dr. Ileana Paugh’s article in the Canada free press went viral, “End of the Empire.” What she said was that we have reached the tipping point, and more people in our society want to believe in magic than not. The >willing< victims are harvested from that pool. there are times when the rest of us are forced to invest.

    But.. that all changes on the eve we all learn there is no more money to continue this charade, and no more fools that will accept our promise notes.. nothing left to fuel scams like this one.

    • Quinn says:

      You know, taking that concept a little further all you’d have to do to make a jet plane fly itself with no power would be to accelerate it to flying speed and then shut off the fuel. The ram effect of the engine intake would compress and accelerate the air and blow it out the back of the engine, generating oodles of thrust. No need to muck about with those persnickety turbines and that nasty barbecue-lighter fuel any longer! It’s so simple! Why didn’t I think of it earlier?

  4. George B. says:

    If you read this far, I’ll add.

    There is a blue print for this scam, and I’d bet you’ll find a Harvard grad with a four year business degree behind many of them..

    The way it works. You find your real investors, they invest in the scam, they fund the props that include wages paid to the dupes that think they’re part of a legitmate company. It’s a good move to find an unemployed PhD, and higher some locals that have stellar records of service, but zero knowledge of basic physics.

    If the PhD is a drinker, you only need keep him sober for the shows.

    A legal disclaimer: It’s all what I think, and I’m free to think it thus far.

    • Quinn says:

      Note there’s no data, no patents cited, no published papers, not even photographs indicating that a proof of concept model was ever built and tested. Just a cheap website with photographs of funny looking people with vague credentials and an invitation to invest in the concept. The address given is that of two apparently unrelated businesses, one, a management consulting business and the other a roofing and siding company. Just my opinion here, but it looks like an opportunity for a gullible investor to lose his shirt. Sadly, we know how many gullible investors there are out there; the most gullible among them the U.S. Government.

      • George B. says:

        Might you ask …jut how many gullible investors might you find? A survey found 70% of the people in New York State are convinced that AGW caused this latest storm on the east coast. It appears it’s the majority that would invest in this, no one needs proof it works to invest!

  5. bob g says:

    as the old saying goes “what do you call a doctor that graduated at the bottom of his class? well… “doctor” of course.

    i suspect the same from any discipline with a “phd” at the end of his name.

    there is a book recently published on the faking of science in academia, it apparently is rampant at levels never seen before.

    it is so bad, that it even reaches out to everyday life…

    i ordered a copy from an amazon bookseller, never received it. the seller claimed it was sent to my old address and was so badly damaged he just pitched it in the trashcan when he got it back! why he never emailed me is beyond me.

    now i am not making a connection here between fraudulent science and flaky booksellers, however you can draw your own conclusions.

    flaky seems to be the new normal!

    when academia and other top flight research concerns are prone to cooking the books and doing the equivalent of putting a thumb on the scales, who is left to do the checking of any so called “new science” ?

    as if it warranted checking in the first place!

    this crap makes my skin crawl.

    bob g

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  7. cc says:

    Look again, a paper was accepted by ASME.

    When Henry Ford began to bring his vision of motorized vehicle into our world, people ridiculed him and thought he had gone mad to pursue such a “wild” vision.

    What kind of car do you drive?

  8. George B. says:


    I don’t think you have it quite right. Henry Ford’s vision was such that the people already making motorized vehicles felt threatened, and attempted to keep him out of business. It was only the timing of events in America that allowed him to enter the business, and make the people’s car.

    As for >this< truly insane idea, (my right to think it so), good ideas nearly always find investors, and many scams do as well. A paper accepted by ASME? So what? The Utterpower blog is dedicated to the DIYer community, we normally simplify things by measuring potential energy in, estimating the money and effort to build the machine, and having a sense of how long it would take to pay off the machine through energy production. Among us are hammer mechanics, they are fully capable of accessing the merits of this machine using their fingers to count, and two or more hammers to deal with the basic math. In this case, we need know wind speed and the square area at the opening. We can forget all the losses for the moment, especially when the figure we see as 'energy in' looks trivial before we account for the losses, AND the cost of building the machine looks so great. And let's touch on todays "people's car." Our government is doing all it can to outlaw the more efficient cars. There are a number of cars in Europe that are getting a real 60MPG (our measure), but the insane CARB is the tail that wags the dog. No one can afford to build all the versions of a car to meet the different world standards. I guess they'd rather see billions squandered in the efforts to split hairs. It does remind me of the days prior to Henry Ford when it was more about money, power, and influence, than it was about allowing people to buy good value in return for their shrinking dollar. And for the very few Americans that really understand what a high performance car is,... is it true that the Lotus Elise has now run out of time, and it MUST be re-engineered to meet an ever changing standard here in the USA? What a bargain this car is, and how might it appreciate? And to think... so many of the requirements would be waived if only Lotus would make a three wheeled version 🙂

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