Honolulu Hell, what can we learn from Professor Panos?

Prof Panos

Of course this post is for the DIYer community, if you are a typical Low Information Voter ‘LIV’, this is not for you, move along to that free energy page, maybe order a Hojo Generator, invest in that big air funnel that Tod shared with us just the other day.

As we watch the future unfold, I think there’s some ‘petri dishes’ we might keep an eye on.

 Honolulu might be one of the better places to watch,  it’s being attacked via the CAT and the CWA in which you can find reason to levy any kind of fine or penalty.

As we watch Honolulu, will hale and native-born regret the ties to the mainland?  The Island depends on expensive energy and of course it arrives via the maritime fleet.

Honolulu has it’s share of retired folks, many watching the buying power of their pensions and savings dwindle, many of them have worked a lifetime to afford their little piece of paradise, a small home on a small lot on a small island. Be careful what you wish for, be careful who you envy.

The EPA recently used the Clean Air Act to enforce rules that ships will switch to far more expensive fuels when they get within 200 miles of Hawaii. Of course, the rules say nothing about wind direction, trade winds, direction of travel or more, and we all know it makes a difference. The rule basically raises the cost of all goods delivered to Hawaii as if it weren’t already expensive to live there.

But now we have Mayors making deals, and of course they know what way the wind blows.  The need to stay in good favor with the Low Information Voter has been key in acheiving their political ambitions, and that often means making deals with the Devil. 

We need ask, will a Mayor take even a moment to divide four and one half billion dollars spent on sewer improvements by the number of citizens on the sewer line to know their burden for years to come? Will he care if he forces half the population out of their homes because they now choose between paying their utilities or buying food for the table?

Here’s your chance to study it where it happens first, the impact on the citizens in Honolulu has a multiplying effect because of the high cost of energy, and the many laws and rules imposed on the people there.  The Jones act, the CAT, the CWA, and so much more. 

Has the LIV already driven a stake thru the heart of the Hawaiian Economy?  The result of increased expenses for Honolulu residents may empty rental houses, create more home loan defaults, and leave even less people to pay for a sewer system mandated by the EPA than no one can afford. 

I want you to know about Prof Panos who watches this Honolulu petri dish, and the recent ferment.  Do not assume the Professor holds any of my views, but do know that he is a Technician, and I find him a highly ethical and moral man. Why would I say more about this situation in Hawaii when I can simply share the good Professor’s blog?  Will you make changes in your habits, or where you live BEFORE the hammer comes down?

Some might look at that home just over the hill from them, out of the city limits, off the sewer, and where LIVs don’t want to live.

You can find Professor Panos D Prevedouros on Face book, his blog here.

I ponder the Question, how could an ethical man with the facts on his side of the argument ever win a political contest in a Liberal stronghold like Honolulu? I’m no Magus and I don’t have a clue how that’s accomplished. It’s the promise of magic that wins elections both here and in the Isles.

Our Patty Murray does well promising the impossible dream, in her case; I know she has no idea that the printing press will fail us soon enough. As the Elites demonize any PhD that finds fault with the liberal agenda, they praise the brilliance of Senator Murray who has a degree in physical education.  

In closing, we are DIYers,  among our tribe, we find Teachers, Ranchers, Farmers, Doctors, and more. What we have in common is  ‘hands on’ experience, we don’t trust others to do for us what we can do for ourselves, and that includes running a piece of chalk, we learn to do that ourselves.

The Profs name? It’s Greek, he speaks the native tongue, he studies the problems in Greece and I believe he is saddened that we Americans seem unable to learn a thing from their mistakes.       

As for the Prof’s Students? What a rare gift! All too often even the hard sciences are bent in order that they align with a political objective… not in this Professor’s class, Pathological Science is left for others to teach..



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