Who Killed the Electric Car? June 2011 Sales Figures may hold the answer.

Who else is sitting on their hands waiting for the June sales figures for Chevy Volt, Leaf, and others you might find worthy of parking in your garage?

Do you know one of those people that bashes Big Oil and also paid to see “who killed the Electric Car” Movie? Are there really 20,000 people in California waiting to order an EV? That’s the story I get from Greenies I know. If this is really the case, shouldn’t we see these people reflected in orders for EVs?

I was in a group watching the sun set here this week, the weather was wonderful, and we were discussing all matters of things, Solar Power came up, then one person in the group mentioned they had taken an Alternative Energy Course at a local Community College. I mentioned that many of the people I’ve met who are pro AE people don’t know the difference between and IOU, and a BTU…. yes.. she did ask… “What is the difference?”

My conclusion is that there are intro classes for Alternative Energy that are little more than a hard sell for investments that rob the public treasury, and in some cases do little more than provide corporate welfare.  Seems there’s little if any discussion as to what these green energy sources contribute in relationship to the cost… who is paying the bills, and in whose purse does the money flow?  The Economics portion always seems to be missing in these Intro to AE courses.. I believe that’s intentional..

Is there anyone out there who thinks GM’s EV1 was a better and more efficient car than Government Motors is willing to produce now? If you believe that, perhaps you think Obama and his entire administration are being bribed by Big Oil as well?

EVs and advanced hybrids will not survive in the market if you don’t buy them.

Who really killed the Electric car? Lack of Buyers certainly will kill them. So let’s all look for the June orders/sales figures for Volt and Leaf, we should see 20,000 orders or more just for California right? Please consider posting same here under comments if you see the figures published.




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