March 26, an important message to pass along to your KIDs

The real  face of Evil? I think so.. Selling magic in order to stay in power is the worst kind of evil, and here we have the Queen of all Witch Doctors, vote for me, and take the easy road..

I wish I knew who to credit for this image..

I wish I knew who to credit for this image..

My muse for the day:

In the old days, our Politicians would have sense enough to stop writing laws when no house was big enough to hold the paper documents. Now that we have cheap digital storage, that constraint has been removed!

Of course.. now we have leaders that don’t really know the difference between printing a dollar, and creating wealth, that be the case of the JOKER!

Do we find the door to the future cracked open? Can we see the potential for so many new services offered by attorneys tomorrow?

Consider a man who wishes to leave his Nephew all his worldly goods,… in many States, he’s not the same class of relative as a spouse would be. If an attorney can arrange a marriage between the two prior to the last day of a last illness, what taxes might be avoided, and if they are hundreds of thousands that no longer flow into the public purse, why won’t it happen? And will there be another 50,000 pages of law to define exactly who and how one can avoid the tax?

So talk some sense into that Kid of yours! There’s two kinds of people in our future, those who write garbage and are paid well to do it, and those who are forced to eat it!

Get your kid off to a good start in life, as a Doctor he’ll eat sh–. As an Attorney, he’ll feed it to others and be paid well to do it!



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3 Responses to March 26, an important message to pass along to your KIDs

  1. bob g says:

    washingtonians should give patty her tennis shoes back and tell her to hit the bricks!

    • George B. says:

      Washingtonians are not from Washington, they’re from California pretty much.. they are born voting for free stuff, and they’ll stop only when the golden goose is dead..

  2. bob g says:

    well if eastern washington ever manages to tear itself from the western half and make itself the 51st state, i will certainly be happy to move back!

    but as things go, no sooner than they get that job done then a bunch of a%%hole lefties will pollute the new state and elect another patty murray and here we go again.

    i wonder what would happen if you dump a bucket of water on patty or nancy? would they melt? i suspect so!

    some of the others like maxine waters are likely too friggin stupid to know they are wet, so maybe they don’t melt?

    bob g

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