March 27, 2013 Muse of the day..

What shapes our world?



Saving electricity and time  through the proper choice of a coffee cup.

How DIYers Think.

This AM I again thought of my favorite coffee cup, I’m holding one now and feeling the heat thaw my stiff hands. It has straight sides with a bottom wide and hard to tip  over. The pattern on the outside are of chickens, and of course they are handsome and free range chickens…. at least in my mind.  But most important is the inside of the cup… it’s a proper white.

I can see to fill it in near total darkness, no need to turn on the kitchen light, that’s not the case with other cups in the cupboard, to fill the inside of a dark cup, I need the light on.     From where the coffee pot is, it’s an equal number of steps to one of the two light switches, and not only do I need to turn it on to fill a dark cup, but then I need to turn it off with a full coffee cup in one hand.  A tiny problem you say? Well yes, but not with a cup as full as I pour, so if I were to use the lights, I need remember to pour a little less to keep from spilling dark coffee on a light colored carpet.  It’s not the spill the man worries about, it’s the evidence left behind, and it’s far easier to monitor a cup for spills when the inside is white, and the contrast high even in the early morning darkness in the hallway leading to my in house office.

It causes me to think of a man’s world VS a woman’s, and how they most often pour less coffee into a cup apparently not knowing they need make more wasteful trips?  But perhaps equally important, as I look from the kitchen to where my Wife sits in the morning with her favorite cup…. I can’t see the level of her coffee because the inside of her  cup was fired to be near the same color as the coffee.  I naturally step in her direction to fill her cup, and she often tells me it’s full, such a waste of movement!

Her favorite cups are shaped like funnels, far easier to tip over, I share this with hands on experience, so this is an account you can trust.

But of all things this morning, I reflect on how few people have the luxury to think about these things, they rise in the morning with their hair on fire, and fully stressed about the traffic and whether they’ll be to work on time. I remember those days.

Having visited Prof Panos’ FB posts, I reflect on what he brings to think over.

One item I can’t get out of my mind is how we humans seem to ignore the number of related deaths as an indicator of risks, and I’d be honored to leave you with a thought.

There were 112 people killed building Hoover Dam alone, a very costly project as per loss of life.

So we compare clean forms of energy, Nukes VS all others, and don’t we see that man does not always use the number of deaths as an indicator of risk or danger?

So we move on to Organic food, horrible deaths associated with such foods with the purposeful use of animal dung for fertilizer VS other types?  How many needing organ transplants? And we compare that to GMO foods. Again, we humans totally dismiss the number of deaths as per any calculation in risk assessment, and what the majority of us  think shapes our world..



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6 Responses to March 27, 2013 Muse of the day..

  1. CrazyJerry says:

    Great Muse George!!
    And as luck would have it, an article is just out to help us with our GMOs:
    Bon Appetit’!

  2. George B. says:

    Thanks Jerry, here’s hoping you are happy and well 🙂

    And do think about the next coffee cup you buy… ones fired a proper white on the inside use less electricity!

  3. Bill knighton says:

    Just appreciate how 3000 deaths on September 11 reshaped our world with the spending of trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of other deaths. All the while even something like prescription medication errors have led to many times that number deaths. What if all those trillions of dollars(I also count needlessly high non-war related military spending) had been spent on something we really could’ve used?
    The US has around 100 nuclear power plants. At 10 billion each you could have bought 100 for a trillion. That would bring the us to 40% nuclear. For less than the price of wars and excess pentagon spending this nation could run all nuclear. If only half the 12 trillionish spent since 9/11 had been diverted to something useful what might have been? That would seem like a socialist use of taxpayer dollars though. Of course war is the biggest big government program of all and the most socialist enterprise ever conceived.

  4. George B. says:

    Honolulu Hawaii is a petri dish, and I enjoy looking over Professor Panos’ Shoulder, I learn from his observations. The Island is blinded by Socialism, and no Statesman will ever get the vote! A simple promise of fairy dust ah plenty.. is all you need to win..

    Some years from now, that Island will know, it was a nuke they needed, but they’re content to burn oil, and dream of the fairy dust to come..

    It’s all about the promises, no matter how insane.. and now I watch the great divide between gay and straight, as Ben Bernanke magically turns dollars into dimes. But perhaps my Gay friends see it all as ok, perhaps Ben is perceived to be gay friendly, maybe he attended one of their gay marriage marches?

    Tell me again that man is the smartest animal on the planet, I’m off to hug a dog, and ask him for advice..

  5. George B. says:

    and Bill.. I forgot to say.. Bin Laden did every thing he set out to do…it wasn’t buildings he was attempting to collapse..

  6. Bill knighton says:

    I’m not saying I accept this or the exact numbers just because its nasa.

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