Total Power: Why You Need to Consider Your Independence Today

Is it time to sell that property down South and move to a more temperate climate BEFORE it’s too late?

Many of us live in areas and in dwellings that take a lot of energy to live with any comfort, and in some cases the home itself depends on energy to stay healthy. Without energy, some structures will literally decay and soon become inhabitable.  Some of us use $70 or more a month to power active septic systems where soils left us no choice but an expensive and ‘active septic  system’.  Who will be able to afford to run such a home if CAP and Trade passes? If less people can afford your real estate property, then the value will fall.  If we study human nature, we might anticipate that renters and homeowners alike might ‘power down’ these active septic systems in order to make their house payments.  This could cause the ground water to be contaminated and cause a SERIOUS health epidemic.  If you live in such an area, and your home value has dropped in the last few years, imagine what might happen when there’s articles in the  paper that the aquifer you rely on for drinking water has been contaminated, and the sources too numerous to trace.  Sell now while you still can, and move to a more temperate climate with better soils? Move to a place where  you need less energy to live with reasonable comfort?  Maybe you should read on and revisit the energy plan for America?  What a minute…. what plan ???

We live in a time when people no longer read more than a paragraph, even the Senate has no time to read the bills they pass, and you know this is no joke!  If you’ve read this far, you are the minority,  but what you are about to read is true and frightening.  It’s about people who have no clue as per cause and effect, but yet they think they have the answers to all of man’s problems. How niave they are…    

Ten years from now, we’ll all understand that this conversation was all about the fork in the road.  We need to allow proven economic benifit to guide us in green investments.  Many of these investments I have studied don’t hold up under the scrutiny of basic physics yet alone an economic benefit to the country.  Too inept to do the basic math, but still they endorse insane ideas.  Some even give them awards!  See my article on the Indian air powered car, and the hydrovolt.  I believe these articles that promote irrational and unworkable ideas  blur the line between reality and the impossible and makes it more likely that an 18 year old, or totally inept, lazy person….. (like many of our Congressmen) who won’t or can’t do the simple math would vote for funding the impossible.  

Following is wisdom from one man who has risen to the top of his game in the field of energy.  His company has wisely navigated through a mine field of false promises, a field of uncertainty  a nightmare of regulatory insanity.  

The motives behind the legislation?  CEO Gary Smith of Powersouth shares his wisdom on the Cap and Trade issue, his words follow.

Those of you that follow my columns know that I have offered my opinions on global warming, climate change and green jobs a number of times on these pages. This month, I offer statements and opinions of others on the subject.

Most of you would expect me to quote Dr. John Christie, Dr. Richard Lindzen or other deniers to the warming of the earth or the harm of any climate change brought on by the anthropogenic emission of carbon dioxide.

This month, I offer you something different — the statements, opinions and predictions of those who strongly support of the concept of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

“I believe we must pass Cap and Trade because we see it as a source of revenue.” U.S. Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi (San Francisco Chronicle, January 22, 2009)

“Cap and Trade is the significant revenue generating proposal of our time.” Maryland Democratic U.S. Senator Benjamin Cardin (Washington Post, April 3, 2009) “Nobody in this country realizes that Cap and Trade is a tax, and it is a great big one.”

Michigan Democratic U.S. Congressman John Dingel (Politico Magazine, April 27, 2009) “Whether you call it a tax or not, everyone agrees that Cap and Trade is going to increase the cost to the consumer.”

New York Democratic U.S. Congressman Charles Rangel (Roll Call, May 2009) “The greatest political task of our time is not raising the living standards of the poorest, but rather narrowing the rich-poor gap.”

Rupert Read, Head of United Kingdom’s Green Party (Rupert Read’s Thoughts of the Day, October 15, 2009) “The prosperous lifestyles of the people in the West simply must be curtailed. Radical taxes must be imposed and automobile use must be curbed by the state or some other authority.”

Rajendra Pachauri, President of U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (The Observer, November 29, 2009). “We must get to a system where an electric company will be able to hold back some of the power so that maybe your air conditioner won’t operate at its peak. You’ll still be able to cool your house, but it will be a savings to the consumer.”

U.S. Energy and Climate Czar, Carol Browner (US News & World Report, March 9, 2009) “We have to figure out how to boost the cost of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

U.S. Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu (Wall Street Journal, December 12, 2008) (At the time of this quote, the price of gasoline in Europe was an average equivalent of $8 per gallon and in places an equivalent of $11 per gallon.) “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes at 72 degrees at all times…and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK. That’s not leadership. That’s not going to happen.”

President Barack Obama (AFP, May 16, 2008) “Under my plan for a Cap and Trade System, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket, so if somebody wants to build a coal plant they can — it is just that it will bankrupt them because they are going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted. Regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad, because I am capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas plants, you name it, whatever the plant is, whatever the industry is, they would have to retrofit their operations. This will raise billions of dollars.” President Barack Obama (San Francisco Chronicle, January 8, 2008)

Of course, the predictions of a collapse of the U. S. economy by some economists are sobering, as are the predictions by climate scientists that reduction in anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions will have no effect on global temperatures or the climate. However, the plans and predictions of those that I have quoted above — and others I have not — on what the world will look like after they get through with their climate change Cap and Trade programs is more sobering.

These leaders don’t predict a good future for you if you like to drive SUVs or trucks, keep your house comfortable, use electricity when you like, afford gasoline, eat as much as you want or just enjoy your present lifestyle. I told Gus Mayer — my dog who appeared in an earlier article about climate change — about these predictions and he was still worried about eating all the red meat he can get. He is still concerned red meat will be outlawed and he will go hungry. Maybe we should all be as concerned about our next meal and our future as Gus Mayer.

Beginning January 1, 2011, as part of the health care reform bill, over-the counter (OTC) medicine will no longer be an eligible item for reimbursement as part of a Health care Flexible Spending Account, Health Reimbursement Arrangement and Health Savings Account unless otherwise prescribed by a provider. Therefore, any OTC drug expenses incurred on or after January 1, 2011, will require a doctor’s prescription in order to be reimbursed. Items such as cough, cold and flu medicines, pain relievers and acid relief medication will now require a doctor’s prescription to be submitted along with the reimbursement request. The debit card will reject these types of items at the time of purchase. Other OTC items, such as diabetic supplies, elastic bandages and wraps, band-aids and reading glasses will continue to be eligible without a prescription and can be purchased with validation through an inventory point of sale approval system (IIAS) using the debit card. This change is effective for all groups on January 1, 2011, regardless of the plan year. Expenses incurred prior to that date are still eligible for reimbursement without a prescription. OTC medicine


Heres’ what I suggest you do…. Bank on the fact that your living standard will plunge like a anvil tossed off a bridge IF Cap and Trade passes in >any< form.  The plan will be to pass it without detail and fill in the plan as they need to silence the opposition. .  Pelosi and her friends will do whatever necessary to stay in power, legalize the sale of dope in California? Pass a law allowing the 14 year old vote?  No problem, they know all they need do is promise a shorter school day and a free ipod to our voting children, and unfortunately a lot of adults too.

There’s two classes growing numbers, those who will sell any plan in order to stay in power, and those who would buy any plan if there’s a promise of a free lunch in it for them.  We were told this day would come…. well it’s here. Be prepared, you might want to move to higher ground.  The extreme left will not rest until energy is so expensive you can’t afford it.  They have no clue as to how it will impact all of us as they have no time to study the details, our elected officials focus  on being re-elected, not on building a better and stronger America. Term limits might help if we (collectively)  were wise enough to put them in place and put an end to the career politician.     

George B.

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2 Responses to Total Power: Why You Need to Consider Your Independence Today

  1. Greg says:

    Living in a cooler environment was exactly the goal when I bought an acre at 1800″ in Hawaii.
    Night time temps year round is between 55-65, highs in the day are 75-85.
    No need for a well as we get 160 inches of rain per years (mostly at night).

    Our 1000 watts of solar give us between 2 kw and 4 kw daily. We run our 6/1-PMG when needed rarely for more than 1-2 hours at a stretch. I have a back log of uvo that should last 5 years.

    I have never felt so free in my life. No car payments, no mortgage, NO A/C running 24/7, no water bill, no light bill. I go fishing and spear fishing any time I want.

    We get suitable 3g internet speeds so I can conduct business and since the time difference to the mainland, I am done work by noon every day.

    • George B. says:


      Remember when Fannie Mae was looking the other way while lenders put taxi drivers in homes they could never afford… zero down, zero interest? And no one saw the problem coming?
      That huge AC bill you left in Texas, imagine what it will be like when Democrats get their way and they tax energy till it’s 5 times what it is now. There won’t be anyone that can afford to live in the south, and that means a home down there might not be worth the cost of materials. Remember, the President and all his supporters want Cap and Trade, and they want you to pay through the nose for energy. Isn’t it logical to expect houses in areas where AC is manditory much of the year to decrease in value IF people can’t afford the energy to cool them down? Are we going to watch this train coming down the track and NOT expect a crash?
      Opps! I’m preaching to the Choir.

      George B.

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