A DIYer/Vendor Veteran Needs your Prayers.

No doubt.. no one pleases every Customer, but Joel Koch out of Portland, Oregon has given his best effort in doing so over the years, and he’s found some endeavors less than profitable. Part of the reason for that is his past efforts to make sure customers were happy after the sale, to send spares or replacement parts when he had them.

I’ve recently received a number of emails asking how Joel is, and why he hasn’t returned calls or emails.  Fact is Joel is in the Portland VA, and was literally fighting for his life yesterday. Word this AM is his Vitals are better and he’s scheduled for another surgery.

If you are one of those people who have recognized Joel’s efforts over the years to be a square dealer and friend, I ask that you send him your prayers now.

For you Veterans, for those citizens who think it’s important that we take care of Veterans. A friend who is close to Joel Reports that the care Joel is receiving at the Portland Veteran’s Hospital is outstanding, she has been extremely impressed with the care and attention that Joel is receiving, and she once worked in a hospital!

Joel is receiving Daily visits, but has been sedated for several days now and is presently in isolation due to some complications associated with his illness.

If you wish to send Joel a card, he’d love it! Viki Atkinson, a mutual friend who owns and runs North West Metal Products in Hillsborow, Oregon (see website ‘nwmp.com’.) will personally deliver a card or message you mail to her at the following address:

Joel Koch
% Vicki Atkinson
2616 NE Aurora Dr.
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Joel was a Vietnam era Pilot in the Army.. having been in the Navy, I learned first hand from Joel the Army had airplanes 🙂 I thought all they had were tanks 🙂

No doubt Joel will be in the Portland VA for a while, I’m sure he’d love to hear from you..

In closing.. My personal thanks to the Portland VA  Doctors, Nurses, Staff….. there’s no way you received such praise without earning it!  Aren’t we all pleased to hear of their dedication to our Vets.

Keep those prayers coming, Mobile Bob and others, please consider relaying the word to forums and email threads… haunts of AE-DIYers.

George B.





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