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The MOST important DIYer project of all? Build the Axial Flux

                        During the Spring Break, I had my oldest Grand Son over, at 10 years old, he’s nuts about Legos, his bicycle, and of course computer games. While we were spending time together, I reflected … Continue reading

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Stocking Up on Relays, Junk Box Treasure?

An item to toss in your DIYer junk pile?     This week I received 25 relays I had ordered from an Ebay seller, I wanted to assure I could switch a decent resistive load on a 10 amp, 120 volt AC circuit, … Continue reading

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Wanted, An inexpensive current sensor with logic level output.

A Quest for KISS Current Sensor on my GE Water Heater                             I will never forget the lesson Don Colvin, a Designer and Manufacturer of Electronic Devices  taught me. It … Continue reading

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DIYer’s PV Solar Panel Watch, Buy at cost thanks to your Government!

    This short article is all about a call I got yesterday, and the price I was offered for panels  per Watt! $.78 (78 cents USD) per watt.  Sure, you know the advertisement above is sucker bait, why would … Continue reading

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Synchronous Generator Basics, Simple Guide to rewire your HEAD.

Zach Says.. let’s keep this page simple! Notice: for legal reasons, all that follows is for discussion sake only, drawings may contain errors,…. mine or someone elses. I am not licensed to instruct you, and only a licensed electrician, PE,  your city, country, state, or federal … Continue reading

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Chinese Horizontal Diesels, 195, 1100, 1115, 1125 and others

I’ve lost count of the number of reports I’ve received over the years. The Engine completely destroyed itself WHEN the engine ?mounts? failed.   The value of these old designs has been the topic of other articles, but I’ll mention that … Continue reading

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A Micro Power Project worth our attention

Some years back, I became interested in some of Prof Modi’s projects and through that interest I met Matt Basinger and later Francisco Sebastion Rodriguez-Sanchez. These two get the respect and support of our hands on community, they have many hours … Continue reading

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A Free DIYer Generator Head?

It may have happened when I was exchanging  emails with a Customer on Guam after the Island was hit by a large storm and people were without power for months.  I received several pictures of generators that died for all kinds of reasons and formed … Continue reading

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A Popular DIYer Generator Build

 ‘Wife Friendly’, A Smart Engineering Excercise.    My personal thanks to Phil for his years of sharing what works and what doesn’t, and his good finds on surplus items. Phil is plenty happy with his new diesel and this may be what our DIYer … Continue reading

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Matt Basinger reports on Mali ‘Shared Solar Services’

There’s an interesting project going on in Mali and I think the concept could be of great interest to a lot of AE- DIYer types in our community. pelengana album Mali has plenty of Mud Huts, but many people there … Continue reading

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