Sattahip,Thailand DIYer Generator

Rud Dewale who lives in the Mountains near Sattahip Thailand decided it was time to build a generator, the power goes out all too often and he wants backup. Rud’s coupler, his rugged looking two bearing gen head is Kiss, and then he adds some great features and good looks.  

Thailand DIYer Made

Thailand DIYer Made

I’m not sure this is the best shot of this home made generator, but you can see there was a lot of work and thought that went into the construction. Note there’s efforts to insulate and reduce noise. Access doors for maintenance items and more. Note that solar panel on top, I’m sure that will help keep the batteries charged, but Rud has also built in a 1500 watt MSW inverter as well.

Note: Rud’s fab work is just plane professional looking from every angle.   

diyer thailand gen frame

diyer thailand gen frame

To the left is Rud’s frame, note that he’s putting an axle under it.  

Folk Alternator, bought locally in Thailand

Folk Alternator, bought locally in Thailand

to the left, is the Folk Alternator, this item is a little bit of a mystery to me, Rud says he bought this Alternator locally, and since Sattahip is a deep water port with lots of fishing vessels, he says there are a number of parts and pieces available for sale that the fishing fleets use.  Apparently this generator is one of those items.

The mystery is the claim it’s name in England. It looks well made, and notice how  than connection box sits on top, quite different from the ST. For all I know, there’s a place in Thailand called England, but whatever the case, I’d love to tear into this unit and check out how it’s made. 

I figgured I better put the name plate up, or you’d not believe this was one of the FOLKers generators, and do note the made in England claim… “I think I got it”, maybe the nameplate was made in England? 

I live in a town called Kent, years ago, our little farming community was growing some really good hops, and the town changed their name to Kent, so folks might assume they were getting hops from Kent England. We also know about USA japan.. These bits of knowledge cause me to be skeptical.    

DIYer made in Thailand

DIYer made in Thailand

Oh goodness, Rud, and DIYer Quinn Farnes must be related, look at that pretty silver gray paint. I must admit it does look right on this generator for sure.

Do note the coupler, this does have a polymer spider, and note the neat job of attaching the one coupler half to the flywheel with a home made adapter plate.


Lots of gauges!

Here are the gauges Rud installed, if you don’t like digital, you have the analog ones! Note hours, coolant temp, RPM. All very neat and tidy.

AS I say, We Diyers are in every country, when you get us together, you find we all share a lot fo the same traits, matters not what language you speak, the color of your skin, or what food you like… Well, that last item.. “if you like Thai as much as do, you might visit there just for the food, but if I do get there, I’d like to visit Rud

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6 Responses to Sattahip,Thailand DIYer Generator

  1. Phil Podkanowicz says:

    There are still some very good DIYers out there. This genset is a prime example of what a good DIYer can accomplish. Finished product looks as if it came off a factory assembly line and if it breaks you can be certain he can fix it.

    He may indeed be related to that Quinn F guy from CA but it appears he likes a darker shade of silver. Phil P.

    • George B. says:

      Rud should know that he just got a thumbs up from a top DIyer. I wasn’t able to compare the shades closely, but at least Rud didn’t paint a Lister CS silver… 🙁

  2. George B. says:

    Here’s some additional infomation from Rud, I took some liberties to parphrase what he said..

    Hi I purchased the Folk head 5 years ago here in Chonburie 60km from my home, I think it is built in Thailand. In Thailand, they take names from other countries,
    the local Thais believe everthing from Germany and England is made better than the Thai can make, so they take names, and claim the product is made elsewhere. I will look into where this gen head was actually made and let you know.

    I think the factory that built this gen head is 80km from my town, the price for a head 15kw at moment is 26000bth I think that’s $684 USD.

    George’s added note. It would be most interesting to see pictures of the inside, I would expect to see a rotor similiar to the ST, but who knows. I will let Rud know we are very interested in seeing pictures of the slip rings and brush rigging, this will certainly give us some clues. As for outward appearance and finish. The Thais get a ‘thumbs up’ over typical Mainland China, note the external grease fitting, or did I show that?

  3. George B. says:

    Ahhh, we have a bet received in email!

    place your bets fella’s, this is my bet…

    That folk Genhead is a brushless head
    notice there are two sections to the alternator, the front section has the 4 sets of 3 bolts that retain the pole shoes for
    the dc excitation to the rotor, and the rear section is likely very much like a standard st stator, actually a pretty cool and more advanced design than a standard st head and maybe more reliable and possibly cleaner than an st waveform too.

    Yes i would love to get my hands on one too.


  4. Quinn says:

    That’s a fair dinkum piece of DIY craftsmanship. And painted a sensible colour, too!

  5. Gary Harper says:

    Now this is a VERY nice example of what I have been looking to buy/build! I have been combing the internet, trying to locate a genset (LPG) to use on the farm. Thank you for posting this.

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