Reality is, the EPA is working overtime to increase your energy costs.

Is it time to invest in Solar?

As we attempt to ‘read the tea leaves’ and anticipate the future, shouldn’t we take note of how our Government is morphing into something new?

Lisa Jackson of the EPA is an activist.. no doubt in my mind, and the power granted to her could turn your savings and security to dust! Maybe you better invest in more efficiency and conservation now?

It’s always been a smart thing to do, and if the dollar continues to lose value, it may become far more expensive to have this work done or buy the materials to do it yourself.

Have you been noticing the downsizing of products? Have you measured the length of a toilet paper roll lately, did you notice the new rolls are shorter than your old stock? Maybe you’ve noticed that some of your favorite packaged food weighs a few ounces less?  Inflation is on the move, but it seems a good portion of it is hidden from the inflation index.

I monitor CFACT, it’s a good counter article regardless of your views, here’s  an article you might consider reading.

We Americans got this far into debt with cost effective energy, there is no way we’ll get out of debt with far more expensive energy, energy drives our economy.

Keep your eye on Lisa Jackson and what she does to make it far more expensive to do business here in the USA. Have you blamed corporations for movign off shore? Maybe Lisa deserves a little credit for encouraging them to leave?  No doubt in my mind, Lisa would love to see a KWH priced at 50 cents or more.  After you read the CFACT article, you might ask yourself…. what advantage does a nuke plant have over other clean power plants, and will this mercury thing cause companies that avoided an investment in nukes (for all the obvious reasons) to regret their decision?

Maybe it is time to invest in efficient lighting, to add insulation to your house, to consider a more efficient window glass?

How about those shingles on your roof? It’s a fact they’ll last longer if your attic space is properly ventilated, maybe you install an attic fan this year, or add some additional vents if your home is older and was not designed to ventilate the attic space as well as it should be? Have you priced a new roof lately?

Yes, your elected officials are working overtime to reduce the value of your saved dollars. No doubt you have reason to feel foolish for saving, but what you do now to reduce your expenses during retirement years could make all the difference as to whether you can afford to stay in your own home…. even if you did work a life time to pay it off.

George B.



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