Want a slow speed Lister Generator Set??

This is a good running machine.. it’s located in Redmond, I know that no one has even looked at it yet! I htink the first person who does will buy.. A proven machin is better than new. Owner is a top DIYer with way too many toys.. he needs more room just like myself..

This was one of the few I built and assembled..Geoff added a starter…

Generator 10 HP 5000KW







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2 Responses to Want a slow speed Lister Generator Set??

  1. Jon says:

    Is this the dream machine I’ve been looking for?
    Just got a message from the facebook post.
    mmmmm WVO machine..

    • George B. says:

      This is a good machine, but only locals here in Washington State or those who have a represenative who will do the shipping part shoudl consider the purchase.
      I believe the first serious buy that inspects this gen will buy it. This is a CS design… It’s not the alum piston DI variant that some 10/1 are..

      Veggie burners are generally looking for a cast iron piston engine..

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