KARI NORGAARD, a product of her environment

Another fine study, and food for thought? You be the judge.

Professor Kari Norgaard

The UK media sheds light on Norgaard, so I read some.

The wired Magazine article was good.  For those not familiar with the Norgaard story a few searches is all you need.  Google ‘Kari Norgaard’, no reason for me to share her deeds when they are so easy to find. I don’t accuse her of calling deniers stupid, or lame. She is a child by my measure, and apparently a child Professor at Whitman OK.. ..  

We older people know that the number one mission of Wired is to sell magazines! I sensed a big shift in that Magazine’s coverage and tone WHEN they were forced to confront reality.  ‘Their number one mission is selling magazines, it’s what Die Hard Capitalists do!’

In the Wired interview, Norgarrd says this:  “Another factor is that we no longer have a sense of permanence”.  Another psychologist, Robert Lifton, wrote about what the existence of atomic bombs did to our psyche. There was a sense that the world could end at any moment.”

Professor Norgaard is like a child who has not yet discovered that she can harbor her own thoughts. She is so focused on the sinister deeds of Man that she doesn’t seem to note that the planet and natural events in our solar system could >again< muster in the extinction of animals at the top of the food chain.  Thanks to gravity maps, we know the cause of the last major event, and it wasn’t man’s doing!

But even more alarming is her own denial of what and who she is.  By her age, most of us   understood that any sense of ‘permanence’ is usually held by the less mature mind.  We are here for but an instant according to mother nature’s time piece, so a sense of Permanence might be a major handicap? Time is ticking, and perhaps we need get busy and do something with our life before we find the end of it!   

Professor Norgaard at Whitman

At the top of the pile of Woman I respect are those well-educated Women in Afghanistan, Medical Doctors, Specialists, Woman who worked against all odds to excel in their areas of expertise.  And now… will they find that their Sisters in America will ‘stand down’ and simply watch the Taliban punish and even kill them for the kindness, compassion, and self-less sacrifices they have made?

I mention it because I wonder where young Kari Norgaard will stand on the issue? I suspect it all depends on the script given to her by the local community organizer, ‘and entity she references in her writings’.

As a last thought, I note her comments on Nuclear Energy, no doubt she’s mastered physics at some high level, and maybe even worked in an operating plant right? Oh yes.. we know… “she reads from the script given to her.”

All the best,

George B.

Notes:  Parents, here’s a reason you need be involved in your child’s Education.

Yes, there will always be room for one more book on the shelves, and I suggest you write about how so many people spend their precious and short lives in the persuit of “permanance”.  At some point, most of us wake to realize our days are numbered,….. all save those with minds molded by others to serve a dutyful purpose?

I’d be thrilled to write the forward for you..  and no doubt we’d both mention our inspiration came from Kari.  The name Kari is most memorable for me;  because it was the name I gave my first and most loyal dog.  Is it true that the name you give a child can influence what they become?  Perhaps, that’ll be the topic of your second book! 







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8 Responses to KARI NORGAARD, a product of her environment

  1. George B. says:

    What is Sociology?
    Dartmouth says: Sociology enables us to understand the structure and dynamics of society, and their intricate connections to patterns of human behavior and individual life changes. It examines the ways in which the forms of social structure — groups, organizations, communities, social categories (such as class, sex, age, or race), and various social institutions (such as kinship, economic, political, or religious) affect human attitudes, actions, and opportunities.

    The discipline also explores how both individuals and collectivities construct, maintain, and alter social organization in various ways. Sociology asks about the sources and consequences of change in social arrangements and institutions, and about the satisfactions and difficulties of planning, accomplishing, and adapting to such change. Areas studied in examining social dynamics include: culture, values, socialization, cooperation, conflict, power, exchange, inequality, deviance, social control, violence, order and social change.

    We need ask.. shouldn’t there be plenty of room within the confines of Sociology to study women who assume permanence is the natural state of Woman?

  2. JackG says:

    Her concerns about coal and nuclear are solved with the 200 year supply of natural gas that probably exists in North America. On the flip side it crushes the need for wind or solar for about the same time frame. My guess, she is vegan and is well acquainted with gas.

  3. Elden says:

    JackG-I wonder if it’s only a 200 year supply of natural gas. It seems as though we incidentally find most of these reserves. Why would any business go to the expense of exploring for more natural gas when we have known reserves in measured in the quadrillions of cubic feet? If you want to do an interesting search, check out methane hydrate. For those of us with an interest in chemistry, we know that it is feasable to convert methane into gasoline and diesel and propane, and we laugh at the notion that we will “run out” of these resources anytime soon….

    • George B. says:

      Elden, Jack,

      There is soooo much natural gas in North America, and there have been people like Kari Norgaard who work tirelessly to keep if from being developed. It seems they do exactly what they accuse the oil companies of doing, “impeding progress and development of an important resource or technology.” Insane legal challenges, endless concerns over the destruction of wild life habitat, and far more.
      This may be all well and good in the long term, we all know that you cannot run an economy as large as ours on toys like wind turbines and Solar Panels. We might as well see it all fail now, and sort out what works and what doesn’t. DIYers will be kings, their services will be in huge demand, and barter will be a way of life.

      People are worried as to how we repay our huge debt to the Chinese, I suggest it’s no worry at all, we have a lot of land to sell. Consider the ‘Louisiana purchase’ we bought it from the French right? No doubt we can sell it to the Chinese for a profit.
      Many of our children have no clue of how it will all turn out, many of them will vote for those who refuse to meet and discuss a budget as they spend us into a black hole. We know our Grandchildren are becoming indentured Servants to the Chinese. We know that credit cards have become the legal way to enslave others, and the Chinese have simply taken the game to the higher level. The same people who can’t comprehend how a credit card works are generally attracted to the free lunch, they will vote for anyone who offers them something for nothing.
      It brings back images of the American railroads, and the hard working Chinese labor we employed here. China has many needs, Dams, Rail Roads, Air Ports. I’m sure our Grand Children and Great grand Children will find work in China, and their parents, how will they rationalize away the blame?

      Certainly…. You know it will be the fault of the Oil Companies! In some circles, they are even held responsible for altering the laws of nature, and keeping those free energy machines out of our hands.

      Oh.. how fun it would be to see Kari Norgaard attempt to sign up for one of Professor Muller’s (UC Berkely) higher level Physics courses. We know that most in her field can’t pour piss out of a boot, yet alone learn from a real professor.

      It all reminds me of a story from a top DIYer Greg W, a highly technical guy that was forced to report to a woman in the English Department at a major university. She had received her PHD in the study of vampires.. (you can’t make this stuff up!) Greg was unable to explain modern methods used to pattern troubles in the services delivered to the English Department and others areas in which our Vampire Professor managed, she continued to over rule the use of time tested methods, why not use her crystal ball and the sack of bones she bought in Jamacia? Greg became so frustrated, he took a sabbatical, and refused to return until others realized how inept the Professor was in areas requiring basic problem solving skills. It all ended well, but it took time..

      WE need ask… how much time do we have?

      As I think about how wordy my comment grows, I think about our Constitution, so many see it as a living breathing document, we know why! They see opportunities to alter it in exchange for money, power, and influence. We know the Constitution is similar to a promissory note. Imagine offering the far left a promise note and explaining that >you< can change the face value as you might deem necessary. A worthless note, just as a living breathing Constitution would be, what a great disservice we do our Grandchildren... giving them a worthless promise.. G

  4. JackG says:

    Until they teach everyone good basic “Economics” in school, the uneducated will not understand that in the end Economic rules apply to life on planet Earth, even for cavemen. I managed to learn economics from a communist professor at CU Boulder years ago. Thankfully he used a decent course book and you could filter his opinions on the evils of free markets. http://mises.org/Literature

    How much time?: http://www.zerohedge.com/print/446644

    • George B. says:

      Jack.. Do you remember when Marxists were pushing the 16 year old vote? We do understand that those on the left attempt to instill the idea they are ‘schooled’ The reality is.. they need the under-educated to win an election, the reason for the push of Felon’s rights, and of course some on the left even want to give their pet fluffy rights to vote.. They’ll help fluffy with the ballot of course. Picture ID? bad idea! we all know why..

  5. Bill knighton says:

    One nice thing is that of the giant us debt only 1 to 2 trillion of it is held by china. I like that because they mostly make us nice stuff and are doing what they should be doing. It’s my wish that when the debt is repudiated, and it should be, that they will get their investments returned. As far as Americans who hold most of the debt I don’t care a penny if they lose 100 percent. They should have known better. Were they buying government investments for patriotism or were they trying to avoid risk that is necessary in a free market. When they bought that did they not understand that if it were ever to be paid back, which is an impossibility, they would be enslaving Americans for the next 50 years. I hope they lose their investment or get it paid back in worthless wheel barrels full of paper. If the usgov credit rating were trashed it would be a good first step. It’s really the same as the drug problem. The supply is at fault as is the demand for deficit cash.

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