Golighty Tappet Jack

Help! Remember Mr. Potato Head? Well, I’m Mr. CS head, and I have some sad news.

Manufacturer Discontinued!

Mr. CS Head
Mr. CS Head, unknown contributor
There’s a lot of articles out of date at utterpower. They are left in place to let you know where we’ve been..  One article that is a little bit troublesome in the article called Listeroid Longevity on my CD, it’s the better part of a 100 pages long, and buried within are a few tools we made in the very early days. The Golighty Tappet Jack was one, and named after the gifted DIYer Ralph Golighty who made it for our community.
The tappet jack was a collar that was tightened around the top of a tappet guide, and it had two jacking screws that allowed a user to jack out a tight-fitting guide. Later we found out that the Indians don’t care about the diminisions that our jack worked off of, and soon we got several complaints that the jack was just too darned big to grab hold of the tappet guide! What to do? discontinue the tappet jack. Yes, the indians cut this diminsion based on how they feel that day..
But.. a decision was made to leave the information in the article, and a picture of it.. I felt that a person than came across a really tight fit (pounded in) could copy our jack if nothing else.
Fact is, most tappets are not as tight as what we saw years ago, but every engine is different, so who knows what you’ll see, we just know that our jack was a disappointment for the reason mentioned.
So it is my hope that people will read this, and know the history of the tappet jack and why we quit making it..
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4 Responses to Golighty Tappet Jack

  1. 38ac says:

    Indian quality control keeps life from becoming boring eh?
    Don’t throw those pullers under the bench! The field “fix” is close at hand, paper. Use what ever thickness will bridge the gap in one wrap and tighen the puller on top of it. Worked for me. As an aside I have only seen tight tappet guides in earlier imports. The later ones that I have had my fingers inside of were not nearly as tight and some are actualy on the loose side.

    • George B. says:

      This is exactly my experience.. seems the Indians are doing a better job of fitting same, and we don’t need dynamite to get them out most times. I know from experience that Rajkot would have more standards if they could agree on them. Nothing we say or do would likely cause them to see the wisdom in adopting a standard size for an OD that doesn’t need a standard according to their logic. Just like the salesmen who refused to carry my request to the shop floor.. Mr. George, “tappets go up and down NOT round and round.” I know how frustrated he felt….he likely said to himself “even we salesmen knows they go up and down, this Mr. George must be a blind man.” Plenty of discussion about this requirement on the CD.

  2. Butch says:

    Mr. George, “tappets go up and down NOT round and round.”

    Well, how could a man argue with that?

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