Cargo Cult COP

this is worth your time….

Show me the math

Show me the math

So many modern-day men take the advice of Witch Doctors.

Monckton, Morano, Nova, and many more work tirelessly to expose those who attempt to bend science for money, power, and influence.

As you watch this video remember the contempt held for skeptics…. it has always pissed off Witch Doctors and those who blindly follow them.

Here’s a CFACT video, check out Ihofe..

George B.

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2 Responses to Cargo Cult COP

  1. Quinn says:

    Hi George,

    If you have time, a great book that I’ve read at least twice is “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Adventures of a Curious Character)” Search for it on Amazon. Though Feynman was a Nobel prize winning physicist, his writing was very clearly and simply written. The vid is a good example of how clearly he was able to communicate an idea.

    I think if Feynman were alive today, he’d either be a skeptic about AGW. Or, if not, he’d give the data a good hard look and say something unexpected and brilliant.

  2. George B. says:

    It’s mighty curious that those who are so certain that AGW is a serious problem seem to have the most to gain from taxing our very souls in order to fund >their< efforts to correct the problem for us. I watch those who have the same type of attitudes in the Alternative Energy sector, people who are certain they have the answers. Once the deal is done, the only thing that’s clear is there was a great transfer of wealth from the public purse to other entities. Washington State Voters signed on to tax themselves at a higher rate for their electrical energy, we are now forced to fund wind energy as both tax payers and rate payers, we got the burden, others became wealthy selling the wares, capturing subsidies and more. Now we learn, many of the most fundamental issues were not resolved before the investments were made. A State already rich with green hydro invests in wind energy that peaks at exactly the same time as the water that will spill over the dam instead of thru the turbines if not used. And no way to take the wind turbine power to market at the same time! How do you overlook such a basic fact? But it’s worse than that, those who represented the tax payers and rate payers placed us on the hook to pay millions a year to the wind farms for NOT producing electrical power. If we look into these controversies deeply enough, we normally find money, power, and influence are the prime motivators. As for wind Power in Washington State, if we are now forced to pay for power not produced, was power production really any part of the primary objective? What is the real objective of cap and trade, carbon credits, and more? There are minds out there that seem incapable of harboring doubt about any project their masters propose. The more dependent you are, the more masters you have. The easiest bank to rob is the public purse 🙂

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