Kyoto is now Dead!

Congratulations to all those who didn’t support COP17.

We’ll long remember the people who signed on to support global warming, and shouldn’t we all remember how they ‘seemed’ to set aside any skepticisim? Many of us understand that this is all about power and influence, not science. It’s about robbing what’s left of a near empty public treasury, and forming a more perfect union (in their eyes), where we end up like Chickens in a pen.

The fight is not over, it’s now time for the Judicial to try and hand over ultimate and irrevocable power to the Feds! Makes you a little quezy when you >know< the head of the DOJ is involved in illegal gun running, and lied about what he knew..

Meanwhile Activist and political hack ‘Lisa Jackson’ the leader of a rabid EPA is doing all she can to assure that American business can’t compete… and you wonder why everything is made in China?

Remember CFACT, a great place to get accurate information, a great organization to join.

George B.

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  1. Russ says:

    Hello George.
    The CFACT link also has a reference to another site “”.

    That site has another link to this article by Forbes;

    Pretty interesting read.

    • George B. says:

      Phil Jones, what a worthless POS. There are literally millions of people that could lose their lives over decisions already made based on the falsified work done by the IPCC and don’t we know now that the US Government was helping to cover!
      They may think this is just about building their empire, but when funds are diverted, they are NOT available elsewhere, lack of tractor fuel, and shortages of fertilizer (for instance) could kill millions in under developed countries.
      Little doubt in my mind that Phil Jones or Michael Mann has any regard for these people in the first place, but I do.
      Every man woman and child now living in a mud hut somewhere has done more to support Scientific principles than either of these self serving dogs. At least they have not perverted research and destroyed confidence in what Government does..
      Yes.. Penn State has long covered for a pederast, but they also protect Michael Mann, who is out to screw us all.

      Few people will take a moment to see what has really been happening..

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