Obama sends Geithner to fix the European Economy.

According to undisclosed sources in Europe, Obama’s crack team of Economists led by Tim Geithner; rolled up their sleeves and got to work immediately upon arriving at the Euro Summit.

When Geithner was asked asked about his first order of business, he replied “We’re going to tighten the lugs nuts so the wheels don’t fall off.”
When asked how a wimp like himself would accomplish such a thing, Geithner reportedly replied, “we brought some leverage.”
Meanwhile, President Obama was being intervied on the 19th hole, (somewhere) about  priorities, and the possibility of tightening our lug nuts here at home, he replied, you can send a request for that information along with a cash donation to my campaign.
When Mitt R. was asked to comment about the situation and his solutions, he only provided a Website where we could learn more about his detailed solution.
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  1. mike p. says:

    politics is crap but i think subconsciously there is a need to make obama a bigger villain than bush jr. and thats unfair. “bush” started a fake war with a fake terrorist act that took the lives of three thousand people, all for some strange roth childish plan and obamas just covering the tracks by being a criticism sponge. Making it about republicans and democrats, to me, dumbs down our nations problems and once both parties drop us to their level they slaughter us with experience.
    sometimes there is no more room on the chalkboard and the only logical solution is to clean the friggin thing. in this day and age in anything that really matters, there is no real choice for the little guy and until people as a whole realize that there will be no change. there is no i in team, no man is an island.
    the hundredth monkey, molten salt reactors.
    and if your a horror fan…

    • George B. says:

      It pretty much boils down to one thing.. you either understand you can’t spend more than you make.. or you don’t.. What we really need to do is vote anyone out of office that doesn’t understand that..

  2. Bill Knighton says:

    I saw Ron Paul’s new ad today. Claims 1 trillion in cuts first year plus the elimination of the departments of energy, education, HUD, interior and commerce. It sounds like a down payment on what is needed. Unlike. Candidates that promise a bunch of new programs they can’t deliver he is promising the absence of programs, which might be easier to deliver. Could the congress really override every Paul veto and keep business as usual?

  3. mike p says:

    George i agree in theory that is the way the system works, but in practice there is no choice, getting rid of one string puppet paves the way for the other one.
    Bill, someone like Ron Paul would never, imo, get voted in, if not for no other reason than the people that are in charge of the computers that tally our votes wouldn’t let it happen.
    i remember reading something about one of our past presidents who, during his campaign, was having dinner with a bunch of people including the ceo or owner of the company that provides uncle sam with his voting computers and that owner or ceo was quoted as having said something to the tune of “mr. so and so IS going to win” (Insert chuckles and laughs from the other guests.)
    This country is already bagged, tagged and sold, although that sounds pessimistic although i try to stay optimistic. the war against those that truly do humanity an injustice is in our minds, knowledge is power and understanding and comprehending the bs that we are being fed truly does, imo, help the cause to ultimately eliminate it. there’s power in numbers, fight ignorance and those numbers increase.
    not to get off subject but in my opininion, something like making a lister clone illegal has much less to do with emissions and much more to do with trying to take from society something reliable and simple that has the potential to help free us from that which, in a sense, governs our lives and without, makes us helpless. Engines and humans go together like peas and corn. Heavy iron brings people together.
    this probably sounds strange, but i have no doubts that we are at that point in history when those that have ruled humanity for thousands of years are making a final push to make their rule permanent.
    heres one for the horror collection:

  4. Harold says:

    We are definitely scheduled to help out the European economy, especially in Finland. Check out DOE’s “creative accounting” in the Forbes article below. I consistently get better mileage in my ’08 Lincoln Town Car.

    Fisker Karma Electric Car
    Gets Worse Mileage than an SUV
    Forbes Article by Warren Meyer

    The Fisker Karma electric car, developed mainly with your tax money so that a bunch of rich VC’s wouldn’t have to risk any real money, has rolled out with an nominal EPA MPGe of 52 in all electric mode (we will ignore the gasoline engine for this analysis).
    Not bad? Unfortunately, it’s a sham. This figure is calculated using the grossly flawed EPA process that substantially underestimates the amount of fossil fuels required to power the electric car, as I showed in great depth in an earlier Forbes.com article. In short, the EPA methodology leaves out, among other things, the conversion efficiency in generating the electricity from fossil fuels in the first place [by assuming perfect conversion of the potential energy in the fuel to electricity, the EPA is actually breaking the 2nd law of thermodynamics].

    In the Clinton administration, the Department of Energy (DOE) created a far superior well to wheels MPGe metric that honestly compares the typical fossil fuel use of an electric vs. gasoline car, using real-world power plant efficiencies and fuel mixes to figure out how much fuel is used to produce the electricity that goes into the electric car.
    As I calculated in my earlier Forbes article, one needs to multiply the EPA MPGe by .365 to get a number that truly compares fossil fuel use of an electric car with a traditional gasoline engine car on an apples to apples basis. In the case of the Fisker Karma, we get a true MPGe of 19. This makes it worse than even the city rating of a Ford Explorer SUV.
    Congrats to the Fisker Karma, which now joins corn ethanol in the ranks of heavily subsidized supposedly green technologies that are actually worse for the environment than current solutions.

    For more details plus comments go to: http://www.forbes.com/sites/warrenmeyer/2011/10/20/update-fisker-karma-electric-car-gets-worse-mileage-than-an-suv/

  5. Bill Knighton says:

    I like the part about iron engines bringing people together and creating independence. The government wants to be ever more caught up in a web a dependence so that we constantly need goods or services just in time– and have to pay perpetually. They detest savings of any kind. Money, fuel, frugality, whatever. But I wonder if these engines were ever on their radar. I can’t see anyone there with the competence to have identified them as a source of independence.
    As far as government fraud keeping people like Ron Paul out of office, that can only go on for so long. They can move votes around in a close election or use registration tricks or chad for a few percent. The majority of the blame I will put on the republican base and not fraud. They should know better. Ron Paul is an ideal once in a century candidate who would implement republican values. Except republican values are now only useful for slogans are never to be put to use. That would get in the way of starting wars for Israel or god or funding the war on liberty or giving raises to all the heroes who will work their whole career for the military or police and then retire at 50.

  6. mike p says:

    Its easy for sam and the crooks that hide behind their reign to determine independent, simple and reliable sources of energy. Use our tax dollars to hire twenty scientists and engineers to fund a study. Its been done before on way stupider stuff.

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