EIA report, DOE, EIA, just how many Adminstrations are there?

A U.S. Government report worth of your attention, I think so.

First off, if you hang around the lowest rungs of greenie website ladders, you may have heard that green energy no matter how expensive is still free! Even your Government knows better, and here’s proof.

How can we attempt to debate such a thing with folks that don’t know the difference between a BTU and an IOU, and what does it say about us if we even attempt to try?

Do note, that off grid solar very favorably compeates with other solutions, and we all know that the payoff for DIYers on or off grid is far different from investments made by those who depend on others to do every aspect of their installs. We also note that folks who do their own wind power have every chance of success in harvesting a realistic return on investment IF they accuratley acess wether they have enough potential to invest in.

Here’s the report: http://www.eia.gov/forecasts/aeo/electricity_generation.cfm

As with any report, we best assume bias when it was constructed. One possible example is the construction of the massive wind farms we see in Washington State and Beyond. What is the real life expectancy of those turbine blades, what’s the cost of replacement, just how accurate were these forecasts regarding the maintenance of these machines?

Government has managed to place every cost over run and default on the public’s back, since they seem to be a totally apathetic group, why wouldn’t they?

But let’s give the people who put this report together a ‘hat’s off’ applause, it’s nice to see someone knows there’s a cost to free energy.  We know the wacko greenies will only say that the government is now controlled by big oil and wall street, and we all need to buy a free energy magnet motor from ebay..





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