An Important Muse? Nov 11 2013


My Favorite Martian, Your favorite Marxist?

 How many alarms do you hear in the background?

If you are Hands on, most of what I post might make sense.  If your hands have no stains or lack a single callous, then you’re likely going to find nothing but contempt for what is shared here.

We see our President surround himself with CARBON copies of himself, no hands on experience, no business, no mechanicals, nothing outside the .EDU or twisted politics.

We see who was put in charge of building that obamacare website, you will need work hard to rationalize that it was any more than stuffing the pockets of political allies, and done by people who have no clue about the shear complexity of what needed to be done.

DIYers, this is your call to action, time to organize your own house. It is a clear sign that stealing the public’s purse and using it to assure a single party government remains in place is the top priority. You’ve watched the efforts to divide the public by race, religion, income, and more, Have you ever seen an effort made by top leadership in the last 5 years to unite us?

We have learned from experience how important it is to seek the advice and help of others who have the skills necessary to make realistic assessments in what we attempt to do. In the corner of my shop are projects that remind me of the skills I lack, it’s important for a man to know his limitations.

It’s been an Interesting few weeks, I’ve wanted to thank the Russians and the French for helping to preserve American freedoms. But now, I need thank the Poles too! As Pelosi waits for the Website to come up (so  >she< can learn what’s in it),  others play candy crush, and some citizens  with real hands on experience wonder….

Would Atlas himself have tried to lift all of American Healthcare? It’s bigger and more complex than all American Government does now.  But if your representatives don’t read what they vote for, how would they ever know?

Thank you Poles, you have history lessons fresh in your mind and know what a good screwing looks like.

We all wonder where the safety net is? When will we wake up? Some of the most hands on and informed say the net is reality, and when there is no money left to buy those free lunches, we can attempt to reclaim reality as so many in the past have.

If you are willing to give up your soul, you can turn the world upside down. I expect my Grand Children to read about it, and to ask… Just what the hell were our parents thinking? That’s exactly the questions children in Europe asked of their parents.

The only thing that does make sense is that the President and his friends think they are taking you on a journey from which you can not return.. and there’s a chance they’re right. The only question that remains, will those who have supported the transformation of America realize that they have nearly outlived their usefulness? Are they smart enough to grasp that they are in the process of surrendering any say they might have in what and how government governs?

As we watch government swing the hammer and hit our thumb in healthcare. The EPA is swinging a far larger hammer, and they are aiming at our head! What’s wrong with America? People like my Senator Patty Murray who believes in fairy dust.  A woman who will watch the world be unraveled, and hold her tongue. One of many who have sold their souls for a position of power,  and the story will be told in the history books.




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7 Responses to An Important Muse? Nov 11 2013

  1. bob g says:

    seems to me there are two types of managers,

    those that surround themselves with idiot’s so that they can feel good about being the smartest guy in the room, and

    those that surround themselves with folks smarter than they are, so that they are seen “as” the smartest guy in the room.

    i made it a hard fast rule to always work for a boss/manager/foreman or whatever that was at least as smart as me, and preferably smarter…. that way i could learn something from him/her.

    so therein the quandary?

    as this all relates to obama, we are all doomed i tell you… DOOMED!

    if on one hand obama has surrounded himself with idiots, we are doomed, and

    if those idiots are working for him in order to learn, well… we are (wait for it)


    bob g

    ps. just so i leave no loose ends, it is obvious to most folks of reasonable intelligence that those folks that surround obama are how should i say it? hmmmm


    they sure don’t appear to be brighter than he is! most of them don’t even know how to read! and those that do are too friggin lazy to do so.

  2. George B. says:

    The best managers NEVER worry about who gets credit for doing the job.. A managers job is to assure it gets done, and done right.

  3. David says:

    You know George, many Americans are just Ignorant about the world and other’s like yourself and Bob are Highly intelligent but still a bit self centered.
    You guys go on like you are the only county with idiot, moron politicians!

    For a small county, we have enough to export them….. all of them in fact!
    I came to the conclusion years ago that politics is the most useless invention of all in mankind’s history and a complete and utter joke. My father follows it pretty close but I try to remain as ignorant as possible and fill my head with more useful knowledge.

    We had an election here a couple of months back and as usual it was a choice of the idiots that had proved what a bunch of self interested morons they were for the last 6 years they were in, or go to the crowd of Useless vultures whom had proven their inability to organise a Kids tea party before the last lot replaced them.
    Great Choice!

    Neither of them had one shred of credibility or a decent plan for the country. They were full of endless bitching and insulting the opposing crowd of twits though!

    Voting is compulsory here and I think that is an insult and injustice. Why should I be made to parade to the polling booth when I have nothing but contempt for both sides of imbeciles and there is almost unlimited evidence to support how none of them should ever be considered to make a decision on behalf of their pet dog, let alone the people and the nation.
    I always vote for some special interest party that never has a hope of running the country but hopefully get a seat to keep the other idiots in line for the causes they GENUINELY believe in.

    The trouble with politics is there are too many vested interests, both the Pollies and their mates in big business. Here, and in the US, all they really do is put crap on each other rather than spend any worthwhile time putting thought into what is actually best for the country and ALL the people rather than their elitist mates.

    I have yet, in my lifetime, to see a pollie instead of slagging the other guy or go out Slobbering on Babies, Stand up and say, ” This is what I have done in business/ local gubbermint/ whatever /and how I have improved things through good management and strategies. This is my track record and why I should get the job of being in gubbermint. ”

    What You do get is a bunch of largely middle to senior age Twits carrying on in a way that would have had them sent to the principals office of any 3rd grade school and given a lick of the cane and told to behave and grow up.

    It seems incredible to me that we in the free world seem to elect our decision makers on the basis of a popularity contest rather than proven credentials like ANY other job ( outside gubbermint and Jobs for the Boys) would require.
    Even the Kid at Maccas has to impress the boss he has some skills he can bring to the table and fulfill the role he is applying for. He doesn’t get the job because he made himself popular by putting down the other candidates or winning the rest of the staff over buying them ice creams.

    That however seems to be the exact way pollies get their jobs.

    Politics is the biggest scam ever created played on more people than anything else with more money greasing palms and Lining pockets and they get away with it every damn day.

    BTW, I don’t have any callouses on my hands but I do have a couple of blackened and peeling fingernails atm.
    At least I banged my own fingers even if I get bent over by politicians and their scams every day.

    • George B. says:

      David, I’ve thought about this long and hard.. a lot of people agree any mention is a waste of time. As I’ve said, I’d rather error on the side of saying too much than saying nothing at all. And I’m hoping that many here will get voted out of office for their silence. I watched a company looted, and so many lost their jobs and savings.. our president is a CEO, it’s just a bigger company, and we all have more to lose.

      Will our silence help this situation?

      As always.. the value of the articles are often in the comments….

  4. bob g says:

    ignorance is bliss, and moron’s ought to lead ecstatic lives

    reason being they have lots of company!

    bob g

  5. JackG says:

    “We fumbled the rollout on this health-care law,” could be President Obama’s understatement of the century. In the month-or-so since Obamacare was unleashed 106,185 people enrolled (based on a loose re-definition by the White House). However, in that same period, the WSJ reports a stunning 4.02 million people received policy cancellations. So, in a month, a total of 3,918,205 fewer people are now ‘enrolled’ in a heathcare plan than before Obamacare. So far, California, Florida, and Washington are suffering the most under Obamacare…

    • George B. says:


      It reminds me of blind love. We all know that guy who finally woke up….

      But, as with many of those cases, so it is here.. Obamacare is pregnant, and even if one were are able to annul the marriage, there’s a life that’s taken on it’s own.

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