Behold the KshamaSutra!

The SeaTac $15 minimum wage.

The SeaTac $15 minimum wage.

Radical Marxist Kshama Sawant ‘Occupies’ A Seattle City Council Position.

There’s really no need for me to link all the stories in this day and age.  Kshama makes it known how important youth is in her politics, it’s Seattle youth, the homeless, and the jobless,  and a touch of Fairy dust that has brought her to office.

Just the other day, she found a great photo op, and took advantage of the Boeing Machinists. She’s seen with them, fists raised in Solidarity!

Seattle is a lefty city, but according to the KshamaSutra (my name for Her Radical Teachings) The Seattle City Council, and everyone holding office in the State Are far to the right.

She’s suggesting the Machinists take over Boeing property if their jobs leave! Telling them they can make useful things like transit buses instead of war machines.

To occupy Boeing’s property and use it? So odd a Woman wouldn’t think of herself being used in a similar way.. without her permission.

My crystal ball suggests that the name I’ve given her cause and following “The KshamaSutra” will come to be all about fu__ing  yourself. It may take some time for the word to spread.

Do a few searches you’ll find plenty to read..


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13 Responses to Behold the KshamaSutra!

  1. Bill Knighton says:

    ^ because of this now even less respect for union machinists. Anyone who’d put up with a speech like hers is unacceptable.

    • George B. says:

      Bill, it’s a big group, and many if not most abhor the author of the KshamaSutra, (an illustrated guide as to how one F_ _ _ ks themselves.)

      • Sankara Menon says:

        yeah amrikhans were trying hard ever since JFK to do it to us with the likes of liar Nixon, mad Regan etc. and yet we survived. So let us try something in return. Waiting to see whether amrikhans like what they dish out to others gratuitously.

        • George B. says:


          I am so pleased to know people from India here who make no excuses for their situation, they value education, work very hard, and more often than not find a reward. That reward is the freedom to make their own choices, to raise their child as they choose, and not allow the State to mold them with the common core teachings. I like coffee most, but I want my Indian friends to drink tea if they like that best. Socialism robs people of every simple pleasure.

          • BILL T. says:

            While I was working in Qatar good friend friend who is from India said this of Indian Politics.
            “It costs only a few Rupee to bribe an uneducated or poorly uninformed voter. In an informed and educated population is not easily purchased.”
            “This is why the Indian population is kept uninformed.” Ms. KamaSumatra or who ever is bringing this culture into our politics. Bill of Saudi Arabia. Oregon soon.

  2. Bill Knighton says:

    On the other hand I grant her a slight amount of respect for taking responsibility what she is. How many other Obama drones will admit to being socialists or Communists?

  3. Russ D. says:

    OK. So lets say the machinists actually took over the Boeing plant.

    Let’s then say it’s possible to retool the machines at no cost to produce the suggested transit buses.

    Now I don’t have any figures or have any idea what a transit bus would cost, or for that matter what company supplies the busses in Seattle.

    Would Kshama expect the newfound, owner/operator of the “transit bus co-op” to turn a profit?

    If they did turn a profit paying the suggested $15 minimum wage plus union dues would the profits be given to the less fortunate?

    Would a union even be needed if it’s an employee(s) owned company?

    Would all of the owners/employees have 100%, paid by the “company”, health insurance?

    What type of “fuel” would the buses use?

    Yup, I’m thinking that self fornication is a very likely outcome.

  4. George B. says:

    Since Kshama is now a full fledge Politician, I guess she’s up for a little satire right? so that means I put up a page for google to find on the kshamasutra, It’s not part of the Kama Shastra text, that’s for sure..

    I need mention! I am grateful for the many Indian Americans, they value education, and Kshama is the only one I’ve ever heard of that came here to condemn what all the rest came here for. And that is simply a reward for the very hard work they put in.

  5. Bill knighton says:

    Where’s Keri norgaard?
    Gender studies and society is a perfect match for the job and between them I am sure they could direct the retooling of a formerly capitalist factory.
    Engineering(all types)
    ^ all useless penis based “sciences” of oppressors

  6. Sankara Menon says:

    I am happy Sawant has been elected. I Hope she leads the used and abused workers – the common or garden variety of Khans – to paradise. The workers in “Amrikhania” are a used and abused lot. How dare Boeing think of taking the jobs away.(Of course I will be happy if they shift the jobs to India where we can do it better, faster and CHEAPER[then I do not care about the worker drone khans]). Do I hear drooling noise from Boeing? C’mon guys put your thinking caps on.

    Another aspect is I am sort of happy that just ONE export from us CAN lead to the fall of khanate.

    I am sure Sawant read up history.
    Back in 1898 some sailor tossed a cigarette butt carelessly and it landed in the Magazine of USS Maine. The Khans decreed the Spanish dun it and so started the Spanish war. Poor Common or garden variety of khans strode to death shouting “Remember USS Maine”;
    Every senior khan knew Japs were gonna attack Pearl Harbour except the common khan; it happened and poor sod common or garden variety of khans went to war shouting “Remember Pearl Harbor” and died;
    Come Vietnam nothing happened on Tonkin Bay yet the poor khans went to war shouting “Remember Tonkin Bay” and DIED.
    So heat up the patriotism of the common or garden variety of Khan and they will march like lemmings.
    Sawant surely knows this and will fire up the common or Garden variety of Khan and they will go to fight shouting “Remember the Boeing plant in Seattle” and get sc……..d up.
    But really I have a serious question will not the fall of Amri Khanate lead to a millinia of Peace in the world. I wonder indeed.

    • George B. says:


      It’s always wise to look for root causes to problems, and few countries have had longer to look for them and correct them than India. America has just been born in compare.

      One of Washington States’ problems is we ARE pricing ourselves out of the market. There are people here who have sold their houses and moved on because they could not afford to pay their property taxes and other fees even though they make a good wage.

      Your post is welcome, it’s amazing how people choose to see the world, and how cocksure some can be. India can do it better, faster, cheaper? If only Sawant were to have fixed Mumbai before Seattle. She mentioned that city were full of problems with the same origins.

      As for our leadership, I’ve never seen it worse, and I’m sure you’ve never seen it better 🙂

      Socialism and Communism always leads to failure, how cruel it is to lead people into that dark hole. There’s never a time that a Piper like Sawant can’t find the misinformed to follow, so many seem to have never read a history book.

      You may wish to see Jobless people as all the same. Here you can find many who have never worked and even raised families on Government provided housing, food, and more. Seattle is a harbor city, and through policies like free methadone became a mecca for those who wanted a free ‘high’ and more. They came from far away places and made Seattle their permanent home.

      Now here is where Sawant might help. Seattle has been run by the left for years. They have no shame in running a gambling operation, and the lotto they run is most attractive to the poorest members of society here. In some cases, any spare money they have is spent on Lotto tickets, many have only money enough to pay their bills. But now the city of Seattle is excited about becoming a Mecca for other legal drugs, they dream of the taxes they can collect, and the votes they can buy. We all wonder if prostitution is next? Will Sawant join the right and note the need to right these wrongs?

      I’m glad you are full of answers to our problem here in Seattle, leave your problems at home, and come over and fix ours please.

  7. Russ Davis says:

    She’s at it again with her “occupy” shi….um…er…stuff.

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