A must read for 2012. How you can have all the money you want in 2012!

What DIYers love about history is we can review the news and compare it to the facts that followed. There is nothing more important than to be in touch with reality, fact is your life may depend on it.

Here’s what I consider to be the most important read you can make in 2011.

The Indian Air Powered Car

Read the comments, note the car was ready for production, and you could order yours shortly 🙂 Where is it? Well of course, the evil corporations, or perhaps it was GW Bush himself who stopped production!

Just the other day, I reviewed a story told by our local TV news station of a solar house in Ballard, Washington State making more energy than it consumes. The reality is the target audience has no ability or desire to make a distinction between forced contributions, government subsidies, or actual energy created. In their minds a subsidy and energy creation are one and the same.

My point, there are Suckers born every day, perhaps we should join the Media and our Government in exploiting them?

Being deceived is one thing, decieving yourself is quite another… and note that key phrase “should be available by next summer”  >sure thing<.

I remember a friend telling me of a local Seattle TV Media figure showing up with a Cameraman to cover an Alternative Enenergy offering his company was providing.  He was packaging solar systems from here to the tip of Mexico  at the time and was attempting to get his company to see the false economy in this particular product in some markets, and perhaps drop it all together.  Just in the door, the first comments from the Media were “We don’t want to hear about any probems, We are wanting to tell a postivie story about the potential of this technology”. Ten years later, it was well understood that the offering was a boon doggle, and the media all but helped lure vicitims into the jaws of the sharks who preyed upon them, what a service to the public!  Those beautiful faces on TV, they’re not paid to think.

Happy New Year



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  1. Mike says:

    Zero Emissions?? They must have a “Cosmic Air Pump Coupler” to pump it up with?

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